This Simple Kingdom Principle Made Him a Millionaire

Published 2022-06-09

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  • Texas
    Testimony: I got divorced two years ago and it’s been a challenge getting back on my feet. This year has been extremely challenging because everything is more expensive. I decided to get rid of my new car that I was making payments for because I was spending over 400 on gas a month and simply I couldn’t afford it anymore. I trust God as my absolute provider so I asked him for a free car, a car that I didn’t have to make payments for because I didn’t want to be in debt anymore. I told him that I didn’t want to be a slave to the financial system anymore because I believe in my heart that this is not what he wants for his children. Well two days later, someone I know told me that she was going to get a new car and wanted to give me her current car, so now I own a car free of payments. He is an absolutely good father.
  • Deborah Davis
    The Lord healed me of Asthma when I was in my 20s. My church then taught that fasting and healing "wasn't for today." When I heard an evangelist say that, I remembered what Jesus had said to His disciples: "This kind (of faith) comes only by fasting and prayer." I put my three young children to bed for naps and fasted lunch and prayed. A few weeks later, I was sitting in church one evening, and suddenly a bright light just seemed to burst around me; in me; and it felt as if warm oil was being poured over my head and running down to the tips of my toes. Jesus said, "You are healed." It took about three weeks of having to take medicine to breathe before I threw it down and never took it again. Satan came back to me a few years later and tried to put it back on me three time, but each time I sent him away with the authority of the blood of Jesus and refused the asthma back. The third time was the last time this happened. I never had asthma again. Praise the Holy Name of Jesus! Praise God for you and your ministry because you bring faith building programs that we desperately need! Thank you so much. (I could also write a novel about my experiences with Jesus and really feel He is wanting me to develop a ministry to help people now. Please pray that I find that platform.)
  • Olufemi Fatunde
    Amen. I am completely delivered from financial failure in Jesus name.
  • Steve Guti
    We would appreciate it deeply if anyone could pray for us our 12 year old daughter Candice living with chronic congestive heart failure passed away may 30 peacefully in her sleep she is with the Lord we are all devastated we desperately need your prayers please pray for peace and comfort with God's love conquers all amen we lost our first daughter Angel at 15 years old in 2018 peacefully in her sleep she had Ms this is very tough we are grateful to God for two wonderful daughters and we will be altogether again praying for everyone everyday God bless you all
  • amd03288
    I receive my breakthrough in the mighty name of Jesus Christ!
  • Nestor Uche
    Amen. Symptoms or no symptoms, if the word said I am healed, then surely I am Healed! Hallelujah
  • Selvan
    I am healed from fear, panick attacks and financial failure in Jesus Christ Mighty Name
  • Kovidlarper
    Amazing teaching. I needed this more than anything right now. Praise Jesus.
  • Emlen Bankira
    I am from India and my son Rimil is 24 years old. He has rented a small shop in the neighborhood May the GOD OF PROVISION guide him to have success in his endeavor in the mighty name of of Lord Jesus Amen Amen Halleluiah
  • Peta
    I appreciate how he answered every question with such wisdom and so effortlessly. A beautiful confidence. God bless you Sir for sharing your experience of God's Law.
  • Mary Reese
    From literally starving to financial comfort and able to give much. No needs, no bills and a very good income.
    Tithing and offerings are a given in my God Blessed life.
    House and car payed off by God’s guidance and discipline.
    Yes, I started just giving change. Years passed before fruit came. Praise God for sharing His wealth.
  • kristine oyson
    In the name of Jesus i will be financially free from debt after watching this video🙏🙏🙏 with great faith and confidence.Amen
  • Bekui Alberta
    God bless you Gary. You’ve confirmed all that I believe was possible through Jesus Christ 😊. Sid God bless you for bringing Gary. This is a Testimony🙏🙏🙏... Watching from Africa.. GHANA 🇬🇭
  • J...
    Amen! I claim this healing for my parent, in Jesus' name!
  • Charmaine Taylor
    Wow! Absolutely powerful. This is what it means to have evidence that the word of God works! I will definitely listen a couple more times 💯
  • Nero Sri
    "No your healed by faith because I said your healed... Not because if you have symptoms or not" - Such a revelation. 🙏🏽
  • DJUniMekaju
    Such an amazing feeling beyond words when you KNOW there is an all-powerful and such being that has your back and loves you. 🥰
  • Amen, am healed, delivered, strong and peaceful in Jesus's name. Thank You Jesus. Mark 11:24
  • De Ncee
    I’m so thankful that you shared this classic. It is what I needed. Thank you!!!
  • Emilda Thompson
    I love this show, I learned a lot of this.Thank you Sid Roth and Gary Keese.God bless you more and your ministry.