Jet boat struggles in rapid.

Published 2010-06-22
Watch as this Thunder Jet struggles to get up the Rapid known as Landslide Rapid. The is just down stream of Banks, ID on the main Payette River. Look how the big white water pushes him around.

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  • @borismartin6276
    Handled with ease! I think he was just playing around and holding it mid-rapid for a while. Looked like she rolled out with ease when he got on the throttle a little harder. Great boat!
  • @shnrbtlle18
    Very nice recovery, i got a little nervous thinking you were going over, I was relieved to see such great skill with a big jet boat on a river that is rushing like that. Great vid, thanx for sharing.
  • Looked like he knew just where to set the throttle so as to stay even in the current. He blasted through when he wanted to, it appeared. Great sounding motor! Must suck some fuel eh?! How much can the boat carry?
  • @phatsmitty
    OMG nice!!! excellent vid, great footage of the white water challenge, gorgeous sound... I was raised on a jet boat (dad went to school with duckworth boys, we rode with and knew wendy caldwell steve weber and frank pelto)

    wow, just wow - i can't wait to shoot rapids again in a white water boat
  • @myheadhurts1927
    He came close to broaching and nearly put the port gunwale under...that rapid swerve to starboard was a very timely recovery...if those rocks had been a couple of boat lengths closer her would have beached for sure...otherwise, he did better than 90% of us would have done with a stock boat.
  • @HKPSG1Shooter
    What I want to know is how do the pumps in these jet boats not lose power from cavitation caused by all the aerated water? I've run PWC's and jet boats, and their performance is always limited in any kind of white water. Other than being larger, how do the pumps of these boats differ from that of PWC's?
  • @MrWhatnext
    This dude knows what he is doing .... he is playing ... he could put it in the green water and walk it right up .... great vid .... Some folks have all the fun.
  • @briancv83
    awesome boat! I love those. Super high quality. I've recently learned about that company and they seem to be the best!
  • @Bogibar
    OMG! I bet there was some pucker factor going on at several points when the boat went sideways.
  • @timshapley8218
    He wasn't playing he was in over his head. He got lucky when he went sideways, if he had hit the beach the boat would have flipped. The jet was maxed out and he got lucky to get through, the sudden acceleration at the end was because he got into smoother water and had less cavitation in the jet. Lucky and Dangerous.
  • @vegasjill21
    Nice!  Those boats are really somethin!!   Think of all the poor fishies that are trying to do that, too, but with much less HP!!  lol  :)
  • @2252471301
    He was playing..   that boat handled it with ease..
  • @bradgreta The driver did an excellent job keeping his cool that is for sure!
  • @winterka100
    Great driving with interesting fuel consumption ----Zero miles per gallon!
  • @phatsmitty Thanks glad you like it. There isn't anything quite like jet boating is there!
  • @highvelocity123
    You need a alot of horsepower for that kind of boating...about 500-600 will do it right.