iPhone 14 Pro Review: This Will Be Copied!

Published 2022-09-14
iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max have 3 main new things. My honest thoughts!

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0:00 Intro!
1:28 Internals
5:27 Display
13:33 Cameras
19:41 My Take

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  • PiXimperfect
    Not here for Apple, but for Marques' incredible production quality.
  • Whenever I hear about satellite modes from US-based reviewers it reminds me of how good their general coverage must be... I live in Australia and it would be epic here! So much of Australia has no coverage and I literally take expensive GPS beacons with me on big hikes just in case. I can't wait to get satellite coverage here.
  • Opinionated Matt
    To me personally the true limit of the new camera is that they did not implement a 5x optical zoom. This is only partially replaced by cropping a more detailed 48mp photo but it still lacks for all those that like me don’t usually take photo of people.
  • Steve Kannan
    Never been a fan of apple, I just switched to an iPhone about a year ago after airtag was out. Got my self smartwallet to put it in. The amount of times it saved me from shouting "Where is my wallet"??? One of the best invention out there.
  • tuckert3ig
    LG was so underrated but novel in many of their designs. The LG V10 was a great phone. It was an absolute missed opportunity that they couldn't build off the platform. Curve displays, multiple cameras, notebook-like phone....LG was so creative.
  • Love the LG mention. It’s a shame that they were so slow with updates, because their hardware was always great and innovative. Thinking that they might not release a new phone ever again… I’m actually planning to buy some of them just for “collector” purposes
  • Mubin Noor
    LG has made significant contributions to the things we've normalized today like a dedicated wide-angle camera, double tap to wake or sleep and now the shortcuts bar. Kinda miss having LG as a flagship competitor.
  • Lens
    I honestly think the Dynamic Island is just another one of the small marketing schemes that apple does that works so well. Even though there is still a notch, this new feature made it look new for most people.
  • Mark Cuban
    This certainly is not a significant upgrade from a 13 pro, or even that large from a 12 pro. As someone who is coming from a XR, I can say that the 14 pro has been a huge upgrade, even though I have had it less than 24 hours. Great video as always
  • Mr. ropellihattu
    Your reviews are a treat to watch. Analytic enough and with excellent presentation. Good Job!
  • Pastel Splash
    When I used the iPhone 14 pro on a shop display unit, the dynamic island felt instantly intuitive and really well tuned
  • I loved the v10 with that double screen which led me survive an entire year in college without a laptop. The main screen was enormous, and as lg’s QSlide apps feature can draw applets over other apps like a window, it made the phone very dependable for serious work, especially things like calculator. It was my only device during my first year at college - all assignments, done all video editing, made reports, PPTs, designs with just that phone as I didn’t have a laptop. It was a bummer when they discontinued it after v20, I now have an iPhone 13 but it’s nowhere near how v10 used to be in fluid multitasking on a mobile device. The second screen used to intelligently show the most important apps/ functions I needed to switch, more like a companion, and if needed there was always QSlide apps to do some quick jotting or calculation without getting out of the current screen. It was like a live companion which was actually useful, I used to wonder why it disappeared when the phones became all screen.

    Also worth mentioning was the desktop class files app it had which was miles ahead of the crappy files app I have on my iPhone. All my assignments and books were sorted in that phone exactly how I needed it to be.
  • As an avid mountaineer the satellite communication is groundbreaking. Maybe for some that feature seems like something you would never use, but I spend almost every weekend out of cell service. The ability to keep family updated with my location quickly and easily and have the ability to call for rescue is an absolute insane feature for me 😄
  • Glad you gave LG its props. LG definitely contributed a lot of creative ways we use our smart phones! 🙌🏾
  • Alanna C Barlow
    I know that in the grand scheme of the Apple iPhone ecosystem these are very small improvements. However, as I go from the iPhone SE to the iPhone 14 pro this will be an extremely different experience for me. I plan on getting it in two weeks & im excited to experience a new level of iPhone. Great video MKBHD though & I love the honesty in your reviews!
  • O'brien Nyahuye
    The only drawback I see with the dynamic island is smudging the front facing camera and constantly having to wipe before you take selfies
  • Sarp Soykan
    I am really amazed by the Dynamic Island. You don't expect these types of upgrades between a generation. They usually develop it over time. It is working really smooth. When it comes to other brands "trying to" copy this feature, I don't even think it is a real problem. As you already mentioned, the internal hardware behind the Dynamic Island is one of its kind and not likely to be replicated by other brands. The only concern I am thinking about is when you touch your front camera. It might cause some problems, especially if we consider we will have to touch it a lot if we really want to take advantage of Dynamic Island. Kudos to the team behind this technology and you for making this video possible.
  • Nav Subedi
    It's amazing how some features like 'Car crash detection' seems so simple for people but I think this might have made the engineers and designers scratch their head to make it precise.
  • debandmike
    the dynamic island is very clever. If they came out with this in the first release of iphone with the "dead spot" (10?), nobody would have cared that is was a camera spot stuck in the middle of the screen. Its possible it turned away sales when seen as a glaring defect. Now it is a feature that sits in "idle" mode waiting for your input. The bounciness makes it like a living thing. Apple thought, well we cant hide it, so lets turn it into something that comes alive. brilliant combination of hardware and software.
  • David Datura
    Overall, I’m quite impressed by the 14 Pro. More than I was expecting to be, considering all the (usual) leaks prior to release. Still, I’m going to wait for the 15 next year. Why? Because when it comes to the camera, in my case anyway, I use the telephoto a lot. More even, than the standard lens. And next year there’s the strong possibility of Apple finally incorporating a high magnification periscope optical zoom. Which is right up my ally!

    Also, due to European regulations, Apple is (finally!) switching to USB-C. Which will make transferring RAW 48MP photos, the quality of which, from what I’ve seen here, seem far better than the standard 12MP JPEGs. As well as usable transfer speeds for ProRes video, which I also suspect next year, could be bumped to 8K. Not that video is really my thing, I’m far more into photography. Still, important upgrades expected for next year.