Hearing the Voice of God by Rick Warren

Published 2019-01-22

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  • Willie Masocha
    Whenever I listen to Rick Warren sermons my Faith is enhanced. He contributes lots to my pursuits for transformation
  • Portia Liau

    牧師講得真好, 要好好消化一下. 好多點以前没想過...
  • Portia Liau

    *Want 渴望神
    *Withdraw 與神獨處, 蘇珊娜衞斯理,
    *Wait 等候 放鬆, 安靜的, 耐心的, inner calm is intercom to God, 期待的, 重新得力
    *Watch 觀看, mental picture, vision, 分別真跟假(撒旦)
    *Write 寫下來, 靈修日記
    *Worship 謝謝神與我說話
    6 個W, 記起來
  • Ismael Rodriguez
    Sorry Ricky but I couldn't recognized Jehovah's God voice coming through Chrislam , Allah just caused a lot of interference and static and therefore I couldn't hear what Jehovah God supposedly was trying to tell me.Could it be by any chance that Jehovah God and Allah can not be present at the same place of worship?.I mean , could there be by any chance the possibility that the Jehovah God worshiped by Abraham , Isaac and Jacob is not the same Jehovah God worshiped in Chrislam?.