How To Be A German In 50 Easy Steps

Published 2021-05-30

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  • Emmi Piel
    "How to be a German in 50 easy steps"
    Me, a German: Interesting
  • Oliver YT
    "Fenster auf Kipp" XD

    Ja, das sind so Dinge, über die man nicht mehr nachdenkt. Man kennts nicht anders.
  • The beer purity law is just about the brewing, after that, you can do with your beer whatever you desire. That was "Klugscheißen"😏.
  • Aaron TwT
    German: Stands in the title
    The German people: der Chat ist nun unser
  • Eva Na
    Let’s see a Nudelsalat vs Kartoffelsalat showdown at a German Barbecue 😁
  • Liam Cassidy
    “I just wear my outside shoes inside”

    Pretty sure that’s a cardinal sin
  • USA: How are you? ..... Thanks, great - and you?
    Germany: Wie geht's? ..... Muss.
  • EsEhKa
    Birthday celebration is not about "living" another year, but "surviving" another year. This is a great and serious achievement.
  • Karto Haraschi
    There are 3200 types of bread in Germany. The most popular is called: that there. Second place: no that next to it.
  • Mint
    "How to be a German in 50 easy steps"
    Me, a German: Well well well, let's find out
  • monsterfurby
    10:30 This was one of the weirdest things for me (German) to realize when I was learning Chinese. In German conversation, almost every single thing you say has some sort of ironic or tongue-in-cheek subtext. For example, I don't think I've ever heard anyone sincerely praise the weather without adding something along the lines of "let's see how long it stays that way" or "let's enjoy it while it lasts". Mostly it's just "Schönes Wetter heute..." spoken in a playfully exaggerated tone of annoyance.
    I use sarcasm far more often than I'm comfortable admitting, and most people around me do as well. Alas, the Chinese language (due to tone of voice also being used to convey lexical meaning) does not allow for sarcasm at all unless you outright explain the joke. It's still excessively hard for me to wrap my German brain around that.
  • "German bread blows American bread out of the water"
    me, a German: snorts obviously
  • KyiHsin
    In my experience, Germans love rules – until the rules are an inconvenience to them, and then they will happily break them.
  • Jürgen Stoll
    So let me do a little "klugscheißen":
    "Prost" is the short form for "Prosit" = Pro sit. Comes from the latin prod esse and means "It may help" or like "To your health"
    "Tschüß" comes from "ad jüs" (northern german) which means the same as adios (spanish), adieu(french), ade (swabian): "To god"
  • Marlo Elefant
    Honestly, before I came abroad, I thought every window is like the German ones.
  • Smash8ros
    Apfelsaftschorle is actually pretty good to hydrate (not as 100% substitute for water tho) especially during Sport because it provides electrolytes, assuming you use quality juice (natural and unfiltred)
    Mit freundlichen Grüßen
  • Semp
    "How To Be A German In 50 Easy Steps"
    Jeder Deutsche: INTERESSANT
  • Ina Winchester
    First of all Bavarians don't think they're better, we are better (yes, that was sarcasm ... or was it?)

    and second yes, you can mix beer with other beverages, just don't call it "a beer" afterwards. If you say to someone "I'm drinking a beer" and show them your Radler you're gonna be punished. This is not a warning, it's a friendly reminder. Or is it?
  • TimeFliesAway
    1:08 german food
    1:38 window technology
    2:08 house shoes
    2:25 potato
    3:04 recycling
    3:31 hate Bavaria
    4:05 planning/preparation
    4:33 Kartoffelsalat
    5:05 LG
    5:35 Sachsen dialect
    5:45 insurances
    6:04 “Mahlzeit!”
    6:31 car culture
    7:00 dress seriously
    7:33 German bread
    7:54 Schwarzfahren
    8:24 German/English
    8:44 open bottles without bottle opener
    9:05 “Prost!”
    9:19 bureaucracy
    9:30 red lights
    9:44 Sundays
    10:10 Apfelschorle
    10:37 Humor
    11:13 German smalltalk
    11:30 klugscheisser
    12:00 mixing
    12:55 travel seriously
    13:25 sex
    13:43 rules
    14:10 birthdays
    14:38 GMA
    15:01 dinner for one
    15:18 say what you mean
    15:26 Schlager
    15:37 Bio
    16:11 “tschüss!”