HOME ALONE Without Parents for 24 Hours *Security Cameras*

Published 2023-12-16
My daughter Salish stays home alone overnight and I watch her with security cameras. If I come home before 24 hours, she wins the MATTER CUP and doesn't have to clean for a week! Wait for her surprise guest! See Salish become an adult:    • KID Turns Into ADULT & PARENT Turns I...  

This video was inspired by the Home Alone series by our friends @royaltyfam! Subscribe to them and watch everything they post :)

See Salish turn 14:    • My Daughter Opens 100 Birthday Gifts....  

Thanks @FamousBirthdays! Next time I'll bring my own food :)

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HOME ALONE for 24 Hours security cameras saw EVERYTHING

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Video by Sandy Chase

Music licensed through Artlist and Epidemic Sound

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