I Made Working VIDEO-GAMES In LEGO...

Published 2022-09-26
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All Comments (21)
  • Adonnis Andrade
    It really shows how much effort the Lego designers put into each set so that they survive the drop test
  • AnimatorSpeedy
    "Man that's an amazing flappy bird build! I bet he's going to put that on a shelf somewhere and cherish-"
    Immediately breaks it
  • CT-5555 [Fives]
    For anyone wondering Mario is at 3:30 and can we take a second to talk about the respect this guy deserves for buying a $50 for a HEAD!
  • Pixelchu
    The drop test really shows how sturdy those sets are.

    But…the Flappy Bird one hurts me
  • ☆ Rice_Wolf ☆
    The fact he brought a 50 buck lego set JUST for a mini figure head. Absolute unit of a man
  • NEOC -
    That was pretty cool. But as the resident nitpicky nerd, I wanna point out that modern Tetris has very specific colors for its pieces! Also I'm not a Pac-Man deep lore expert and you could certainly be limited by the pieces you have but I don't think I've seen a green ghost in the game?

    Minor nitpicks aside, this video was really cool. I've been binging your channel as of late, you've earned yourself a new subscriber
  • AK_
    As a dude who loves video games AND Lego, I see this as a win
  • Marcel Burdon
    Working is a bit of an overstatement, but absolutely amazing builds! Love them!
  • DevBanana
    This is honestly insane! Really engaging storytelling!
  • Snugg1es Cat
    Buying a whole set for a single piece is exactly how I like to play with my lego.
  • minecraft man
    I bet this guy has enough Lego studs that if he had them in all the Lego games he’d be a master ________
  • Mr_José
    Let’s appreciate this man who bought a whole set only for the head of a minifigure
  • Brick Machines
    Fantastic video! I'm amazed at how many games you came up with, and so quickly too! They look really good 👍👍
  • Nelly
    A pretty simple mechanism can be used to push a power functions switch when flappy bird hits a pipe, which can deactivate the motor. Remove the guide rail, install a button, and you have an actual game!
  • Space Toaster
    It’s really cool but I wish you had made flappy bird playable as it is sorta just a reskinned nes and I love to see the innovative mechanisms you usually come up with.
  • Braunstein
    Amazing builds and effort, but I'd recommend to slow down with the overediting. There are so many distracting visuals and sound effects, and the background music changes every 30 seconds, plus or minus a few. Keep up the amazing builds tho :)
  • CrazyBird199
    Never would have expected to see Raft in there, kinda not a mainstream game. Epic builds!
  • Jikill
    ain't no way my guy bought a whole ass themed set for a head piece, and didn't even stop to look around for some stuff he might use. god damn