Celebrities Doing Celebrity Impressions Celebrities Impersonating Other Celebrities YouTube

Published 2018-04-10

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  • SteevTheDoc
    Whelp, totally have a ton of new found respect for Arianna Grande, she was absolutely amazing in her segments.
  • Cheryl Davis
    Some GREAT spot-on impressions and very entertaining to watch... I only wish that the name of the celebrity DOING the impression had been noted in the added text, as well.
    Not all of us know who these people are.
    Could you do an edit on this video and add their names for those of us who are celebrity-identification challenged?
  • Marie Panimdim
    this was amazing!!!! so glad I stumbled on it. I realize now that Ariana Grande does deserve her success. I know Christina A. deserves it all- I used to live w/ her first tour manager and he said she was such a great girl/woman/professional and worked so so hard. This is too funny & exactly what I needed tonight. Love you Fallon!
  • Shanara Blue
    How versatile is Arianna's voice ? And she can hit the notes! Seems a great character too , nice to see
    I'll admit I never really thought much of Arianna as a singer but now she has my respect. She is talented and a very versatile singer
  • Elizabeth
    Damn Arianna. Gets me every single time I hear her do the impersonations. Freaking amazing. I mean they all are. But I swear she's just nuts and insane with talent.
  • Fex
    Christina Aguilera is the best impersonator. Nailed all she tried. Her Cher is hysterical.
  • Cosmin Lazar
    Ariana Grande is definitely the best impressionist here. Did not knew she was that good.
  • Anton Chigurh
    Hands down Ariana is best, but Scherzinger is surprisingly good.
  • Col b
    Gotta say man, for such a tiny little chick, Arianna's voice is F#$^$ huge.
    She belts those Cristina notes as if they are her own .
  • Beth Merryfield
    This is absolutely hysterical!! Laughing so hard I'm crying
  • Pollita Becca
    Christina and Ariana should have a challenge. They are both awesome.
  • Sjharks
    not enough love on here for demi lovato. she nailed it just as well
  • Wow! Ariane can impersonate a loot of singers! LOL. Bravo Celine, such a sport! Nicole's seems to really mimick Britney's voice to perfection..Demi Lovato is real good too! i really had a good laugh! Thank you for the upload!
  • Melanie Shearman
    Any chance to see Benedict Cumberbatch do an impression is always worth it!
  • Patrick Wentzell
    I love how authentic the females sound when doing other voices.
  • Stacy s
    Taylor Swift north midwest impression killed me! And yes, my deer to auto body count is two so far. She was so funny!