Measuring airflow for residential forced-air systems for HVAC professionals

Published 2017-04-19
For HVAC professionals, measuring airflow of a residential forced-air system can help you boost the efficiency of a home's air conditioner or heat pump. This can save energy and lead to greater comfort for your customers.

In this video, Slipstream's Scott Pigg and John Viner walk you through the process of measuring total airflow in residential forced-air system, including the pros and cons of different methods.

This video was produced as part of a heating and cooling system study for the state of Minnesota Department of Commerce.

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  • Michael Kessler
    great video - super informative! do you think the low airflow at the front of the duct was caused by the holes you drilled? curious why it's so consistently low on the front of the duct
  • Logi Tech
    I have yet to find a contractor doing any sort of ductwork testing/analysis; where do these contractors exist?