Australia has lost ‘two remarkable singers’ in Olivia Newton-John and Judith Durham

Published 2022-08-12
Former Speaker of the House Bronwyn Bishop says Australia has lost two “remarkable singers” who were loved across the world, following the death of entertainment icon Olivia Newton-John and lead singer of The Seekers Judith Durham.

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  • Eugene DeGeorge
    I'm an American. I've been a Seeker fan since the mid-60s. they were my favorite folk group. so I was beside myself when I heard of the passing of Judy Durham. I made a comment that Australians must be beside themselves when Olivia Newton-John passed .here in America though it was as I expected: not a mention of Judy Durham, because most people in America don't know who she is; yet she's such an iconic person in Australia. on the other hand Olivia Newton-John was all over the news here-- mostly because of her part in the movie Grease.
  • Loraine Jones
    Judith's voice was like an angel, her and Karen carpenter were my favorite singing voices. So sad. 😢
  • John Creed
    Both of those exceptionally talented Australian artists-stars will be greatly missed. The world is now culturally poorer, however, they will live on in their music and in my memories of them.

    Thank you Australia.
  • May Loo
    Though I'm in Canada, I knew of Judith Durham because I listened to The (New) Seekers. Beautiful singer and voice. RIP.
    I listened to ONJ from the early 1970s before she appeared in Grease. Still have one of her early albums. RIP.
  • Rob
    Judith and Olivia had unique pure voices, recognisable instantly in every recording they made. They made great records, I bought most of Olivia’s LPS and several seekers lps and dvds.A very sad week indeed, Olivia sadly died on my Birthday. Their music lives on and I will continue to play at home and in the car.. 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇦🇺🇦🇺
  • USMadGirl
    This American (southeast Tennessee) is sad to hear of the loss of both of these beautiful singers. I grew up listening to both! I'm sure John Farnham (my favorite singer of all time) is sad to lose another friend this year after losing Glenn Wheatley, his manager & closest friend. I love Olivia's & John's duet, "Please, Don't Ask Me"! Their families & friends are in my prayers!🙏🇺🇲 🇦🇺 🇬🇧
  • Les Edwards
    Not nearly enough media coverage in the UK regarding Judith Durham, great voice. Every time I hear her it takes me back to the 60s listening with my late father.
  • stenka rasin
    Two great people, singers and Australians are gone from us this week, may God bless them and give them the peace and happiness they deserve.
  • Meredith isme
    Judith Durham was a wonderful Australian I will truly miss that wonderful woman
  • Carole Carr
    We Americans are mourning both of these great ladies still.
    Talented singers & genuine, caring women. Heaven must of needed them💕
  • Paul Smith
    I am a Texan. I too have been a fan of Judith Durham. I saw her perform at the MCG when I lived and worked in Australia. I have several of her videos; I play them all the time. "I am Australian" is one of her best.
  • Michael Frazer
    Thank You so much for sharing.
    The Seekers are my all time favorite group . We have lots 2 great LADIES. Thank You LADIES for giving us so much love and joy.
  • A real shame….had a big crush on Olivia Neutron bomb when I was a kid !….she was great !…sad news indeed…..😔🇬🇧
  • Robyn Gibbs
    Sad the good ones are is inevitable for us all...RIP.
  • The Phantom
    ONJ was not Australian she was born in Cambridge United Kingdom
  • Amazing how ON-J is being lauded as an "Australian". Plainly she was not. Born in England spending her formative and teenage years in AUS. She was never a natualized Australian, spending the remainder of her life in the USA.
  • Andrew Cross
    Icehouse now stands alone.
    Electric Blue for lifeeeee!