Short Rest - Adam King and Ben Van Lier

Published 2021-11-27
During this Short Rest, I was joined around the campfire by Adam King of Viva La Dirt League and Ben Van Lier of ... Viva La Dirt League. We discussed D&D, art, cats, streaming, VLDL and D&D.

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  • @sanjuancb
    Ultimately, I think Viva Dirt League DnD is a great watch because the team is legitimately having fun. After one episode I was like, "I would totally hang out with these guys, they are hilarious."
  • Coming back and watching this again midway through 2024 is very interesting!
  • @Dornpunzel
    Ben, if you read this: No matter if an outrageous "Playtech-customer-prick" or a mugger or a Dark Souls Newbie, or a depressed guy wanting to change his life, playing along and smile outside. We love you. I'd be glad to have such a friend in real life. 💌 Same to Adam, Rowan and Alan of course. You are so blessed to have each other.
  • @mrdzin1209
    I am REALLY. EXTREMELY. INCREDIBLY happy to see VLDL are being serious about the DnD campaign and actually putting time and effort into developing and expanding it, rather than just treating it as a simple gaming sessions.
  • @robertofulton
    Well Rob. I have no idea who these Viva La Dirt League chaps are but tha Ben chap looks like the kind of guy who would be incredibly funny but also consistently roll terribly in DnD. And that Adam chap looks like the kind of fella that would be introduced into a funny video series, possibly one about life in a retail electronics store, as the weak nerdy guy but whose sneakily evil as the post credit scene…..with a pay off they forget to realise for at least 3 years.
  • @ripper1117
    I had a theory that the entity was an essence of Baradun when he was stripped back to level 1, like what was taken out of him turned into this entity. Back when Bob read the mind of the guy that had gone crazy in Dead Frost, some of the words he heard were 'Betrayal, sorcerer, wizard, revenge, grow', and Baradun knows its a game so his entity is leading them to different things to kill to level Baradun (and the party) back up so he can restore all his power.
  • @pilgrimgirl3182
    Rob: “My style of GMing is more narrative…”. After two decades of being a player (minor module DM XP between), i’m finally writing building my own campaign to run players through. i really appreciate this statement from you because it’s how i feel now. i’m trying to build a story with the intent of bringing players through. i don’t want to kill characters (though i will if i absolutely have to); i want to bring the players through the narrative for the fun and (dare i say) wonder of the the story. i found your channel [Robert] from being a long time VLDL fan. Lately, as i return yo my love of D&D and am working on composing an original homebrew world/campaign, i’ve been greatly appreciating your channel. Thank you for what you do. i hope you will continue to put out more advice-oriented videos of fledgling DMs like me. Thanks for everything Rob. Please continue to post.🖤✌️🎲 (Also, you’re very handsome. Okay, sorry, i’ll see myself out.😅)
  • 59:44 Coming here to comment after watching NPC D&D Episode 112. Well done, Adam! You guessed well.
  • @mamuf
    I only got to this one now since I started binging NPC D&D a few weeks ago... thanks for sharing this here, it's a nice insight into the characters and the world building process. Gotta say I'd not even blink and immediatelly support you if you guys announced a TTRPG lore book for Azerim!
  • @marmzy89
    I am watching the series with my wife and we are now at the Schargonrog entrence. It is great to see how this project grew! We bought the 5e books because of you and the vldl guys ! You seem to be the DM we always wanted so now my wife is learning from your style. You and the guys are great performers ! hope your projects go even further!
  • @PalleRasmussen
    08:52 Adam would be an awesome GM. He is very giving and as Matt Colville says; "You should be a river to your people".
  • Honestly, i would totallly watch a One Shot with Charles, Bernard, Eugene and Captain Isaac
  • @johndaniels1197
    I'm joining a D&D game at a local game shop tonight. After watching the NPC D&D series, it seemed like too much fun not to go try it. Thank you for giving me a reason to go try something I might not have done otherwise.
  • @xixazazelxix
    this is really making me want a behind the scenes where we meet the camera and sound crew
  • @pilgrimgirl3182
    “I think he [Rowan] would DM like Greg Davies on Taskmaster.” Love it! Huge fan of both VLDL and Taskmaster! Yes! Agree! 😆🖤👌
  • Rob, I've beening loving watching your mad DM'ing skills during the VLDL DnD episodes. I literally binged up to episode 140 and now I have to wait a (whooooooole) week for each episode - the horror!!! Just watched ep 142 and cannot wait for Baradun to meet his father and grandfather (you're so evil 🤣🤣🤣) I just want to say that you blow me away with your acting skills and your accents Each time you pull a new accent out I go "f**k me - how many can he do???" I'm loving your green screen work on the series, but would have to say that my all time favourite (because you got the level of creepiness down pat) was the 'poppet' in the Future Hag's castle/theatre - that was frigging brilliant!!!
  • @zigmundwolf
    I'm a huge fan of Bob because he does stuff I've always wanted to do with my characters, but never had a chance to finish the story. It's nice to know that Ben is doing that for the story and style. Many players are too concerned about their safety and winning, but he easily overcome that. That's a great present for his companions and the audience
  • @Zakkrifice
    That was a GREAT stream!! So good to see the connection and friendship between the guys (muppets)
  • @kpr2
    Woohoo! I've been missing the NPC D&D campaign videos terribly & this is an unexpected treat. Rock on Rob & keep the amazing content coming!!!
  • I played some D&D back in the early to mid ‘80’s (yes i have seen and been frustrated by several evolutions of the rules), but Rob your storytelling and fluid style of DM’ing is something i hadn’t seen in a very long time. I even met my husband from a different continent on a MUD! However, the need to find players and a DM, as well as the almost compulsive need to follow a storyline and masses of random encounters with no rest in AD&D were for me something that weakened the game to the point that i stopped playing at all for decades. Now my oldest son is interested in learning about it and possibly playing, so i am encouraging him to watch the VLDL sessions and get into the roleplay/backstory/development aspect of ‘living’ the character. His gaming evolution is precisely backwards from mine, he began with video games like Zelda and Final Fantasy, moved to Roblox and Minecraft to build his own stuff, and now wants to develop his ‘total freedom’ side and learn roleplaying. You guys are all really feeding his hunger as well as his creativity, so thank you - another soul lost to D&D! 💜💜💜