Leigh-Anne - My Love in the Live Lounge

Published 2023-10-10

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  • @imapisces0308
    Leigh-Anne said she was nervous when she did this. But when she did the cover you can tell she comfortable. Great job regardless
  • Not her best vocal performance but she did well. She seemed quite nervous which is understandable for a big gig like this for the first time without little mix. I like the ending it was cool to hear yet another change in this song. Well done my love you will be great just relax ❤️❤️❤️
  • @k_toni388
    Mother is Mothering again and we need to talk about it
  • @TheHilary1999
    no one can deny this is leigh's era. like her vocals are out of this world, the outfits, her performances are just perfection. she's truly on another level rn
  • @sharleasykes8659
    Love the stripped version of My Love so much! Heard it for the first time exclusively at Up Close with Capital and it gets better every time Leigh performs it! Super proud of our superstar 💚
  • @user-tx5zm1kw4g
    Just listened and danced to this during a study break. This song helped me get my mind off my school work and enjoy and move. A real break is one where your mind is actually off your work. If you are still thinking about your work it’s not a real break.
  • She’s not playing with us!!!! I just love her. Her voice needed a little reverb and compression. Seemed dry. But still she smashed it. And the break down 🔥🔥🔥
    she find a way to make the arrangement of this song better everytime she performs it 💙
  • I'm so proud of Leigh-anne, she's thriving. I'm so ready for her album 🥰❤️🔥
  • @elioissa9743
    love the note changes. She will never make her fans bored! Two performances in and she is switching it up every time. Brilliant!
  • @xThatxGuy
    This song will always stuck in my head
  • @Yellowkitty
  • @theynels
    Anyone watching this masterpiece performance from Africa ?? ❤❤🎉
  • @xyz4851
    song - vocals - performance- lyrics all are on point !! let's go leigh-anne
  • @juliartmix
    i'm so incredible proud of you Leigh! keep shining 💚✨
  • @MsZulna
    She is absolutely smashing it. I'm so proud and happy to see her shine! Keep going Leigh!!
  • WE LOVE A HUMAN RELATABLE TALENTED QUEEN! You smashed it Lee, we’re proud and can’t wait for what’s next 💜
  • It’s so hard not want to dance to this song it’s just a such a tune
  • @Jckus
    Sound incredible as always Leigh ✨💚