Marvel Studios’ What If…? Season 2 | Official Trailer | Disney+

Published 2023-11-15
Things have gotten a little twisted in the Multiverse…

All new episodes of Marvel Studios’ #WhatIf are coming to Disney+ on December 22. Unwrap one episode every day for nine consecutive days as our gift to you!

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All Comments (21)
  • This show is theoretically the only marvel show that can run for many seasons. As long as the writers keep coming up with different ideas then we should be in for a treat.
  • @KiddoToonsHindi
    I love how this trailer gives us just enough to get excited without giving away the whole plot. Well done 😍😍😍
  • I am so glad Strange Supreme is coming back. He was definitely the most interesting character on the show quite literally carried his team. I'm glad they're expanding his story
  • @ChiththarthanN
    The anthology format of "What If...?" is truly brilliant. It allows the show to explore the vast and ever-expanding Marvel multiverse without getting bogged down in the complexities of continuity. Each episode is a self-contained story that can be enjoyed on its own, making it easy to pick up and drop at your leisure. And yet, there's an underlying interconnectedness to the series that keeps you hooked and eager to see what happens next.
  • This animation is so unique I love it! I wish we had more animated movies that look like that
  • @thorinwoods2642
    This looks extremely good. It looks like they are doing their own stories as well rather just pulling from the films. The 1602 and 1980s Avengers teams look like they could be the best episodes.
  • I did not expect neither Shang-Chi or Hela to appear in What If. Cant wait to watch them all
  • I love this series! 9 days straight instead of one episode a week is going to be even better!
  • @Superion74
    I really love Strange Supreme's story in What If? I preferred it over Multiverse of Madness, because in MoM Dr. Strange felt more like a supporting character.
  • 9 days straight... A literal dream.
    I really hope this show is supported for many more seasons.
  • @Max_Mousse
    With how surprisingly good Season 1 was, I honestly can't wait for this.

    I mean it, I cannot wait, please release it now.
  • @GreenHammers
    i love this show because it inherently gives you a ton of goosebump moments if youre a marvel fan. Like already knowing that was Peter Quill if he didn't leave earth is just a simple but amazing premise.
  • @jakewell8069
    It's great to see Strange Supreme return! My absolute favourite from season 1
  • @bignelly9476
    I happy to see this series back. And it looks like the animation has gotten an improvement as well.
  • @daleozwald6161
    Right on Marvel for the Native American/Indigenous representation, Mirage, Warpath, America Chavez and Namor reimagined as Aztec. Look forward to the new character. And possibly seeing Warpath's brother, Thunderbird, or Forge on-screen.
  • @jaceastwood5361
    I love that we get a show that runs on pure vibes and feels comic-y. Unless everyone involved has a breakdown then they cant ever possibly mess this up
  • @jaydun6106
    i REALLY love their animation style and art direction with this series
  • This MCU show is really very good and amazing. I hope the next seasons of this show will continue to come up with good ideas and not disappoint viewers.
  • @civic443
    This show is great way to experiment ideas and put them into film after audience response. They should do it often
  • @morganyoung3557
    I am so excited about this, not only are we getting new stories it looks like characters like Strange Supreme and Captain Carter are coming back who were both really good characters.