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Published 2022-02-26
The Secret Lives of Big Cats - Snow Leopards Documentary
Often referred to as the gray ghost or ghost of the mountains, this animal's rarity and elusiveness were legendary. In the past, it was known as the ounce, but today we've settled on the name snow leopard.
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  • Cine Animals
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  • baguetténeck
    When they showed the snow leopard tumbling with the goat on the cliff I held my breath. What an incredible piece of footage. I'm so glad that the cat was uninjured.
  • Double U Tee
    Wow! What body punishment a snow leopard is able to take! She literally was unafraid to tackle that wild goat off the side of the mountain even at the risk of a dangerous plunge. The ghost of the mountain is rough, tough, and well appreciated.
  • Son of Skeletor
    Usually I click on a Youtube documentary with tempered expectations... but wow.

    That night footage is incredible - you literally captured the grey ghost on camera. And that end chase was among the greatest pieces of natural world footage I've ever seen.

    Kudos to all involved, you're doing great work.
  • Julia König
    How brave of the film makers, their assistents, the biologists and the leopard-tigers themselves. How brave as well their prey. What a breath taking wonderful report. 😍
  • Samantha Lyons
    Imagine flying into air on purpose, in pursuit, wind no doubt screaming in the ears and each metre (of considerable metres at considerable steepness) he cat is manoeuvring the ibex in its favour. The last 5 mins was just as good as the first 20. Awesome production. Awesome documentary. Thank you to the dedicated people who froze their butts off.
  • impartial fellow
    I enjoyed it. How hard does one have to work filming wild cats in remote mountains to be able to create such incredible footage. Of course you deserved some luck. Keep up the good work
  • Susan Harris
    Fantastic footage of the cliff fall and kill. Demonstrates just how tough, limber and daring you have to be to survive as a top predator in such an environment. I will be forever in awe of the snow leopard.
  • Taz Krebbeks
    What a piece of work is a snow leopard.
    How noble in reason.
    How infinite in facility, inform and moving. How Express and admirable. In action like an angel. In apprehension like a god. The beauty of the world. the Paragon of animals. And yet to me just a cute little kitty cat.
  • whimbrella
    Fascinating animals! Great doc, I only wish it was longer. That footage of the leopard tumbling with the ibex was so intense!
  • Chris Allen
    Well, my favorite animal used to be the Tiger, but now, it’s a Snow Leopard. They are such beautiful animals. I’m just in absolute amazement of their strength, balance, and agility. When I watched the tumble off the cliff for the first time, my jaw was practically on the ground. Thinking, man, the cat made a mistake and took a plunge, because that was an easy 150-200ft that she fell. But, no, she was completely fine and that’s just how they hunt. Built like a Tiger Tank. I have a lot of appreciation for the film crew who had to suffer harsh environments and temperatures to capture this footage.
  • Manuel Chukwu
    Amazing video especially the last scene. It didn't even bother the leopard that her prey might be at the edge of the cliff when she attack. Should I say self trust or self confidence? She's incredible. Thanks for sharing this video!
  • Moe Dee
    Thank you thank you. What an incredible documentary. I've been searching for a snow leopard documentary... I've found clips here and there, but nothing like this. What an incredible labor of love went into to putting this together. Amazing. Bravo, thank you for sharing.
  • Ben Lacey
    Snow leopards have always been my favourite animals, but I had no idea that they could walk away from situations like that! And that goat herder has the right idea, good man.
  • Andy Sneddon
    The first snow leopard I came face to face with was in a Chinese zoo in the city of Dalian. Bloody shocking after seeing this wonderful doco. No sucking up to the climate change idiots either. Thank you for a brilliant piece of work.
  • aleia
    this is an unremarkable documentary! i love wild cats and snow leopards are on my top favorites for sure. it’s rare you can find good and recent footage of snow leopards so i enjoy this film greatly 😁
  • imo
    Absolutely loved this. Watching on a lazy sunday. Thank you and keep up the good work! ❄️🐆
  • Khalil B23
    I believe I just found my new favorite Big cat, they are so unique and ghostly I had know idea that snow leopards were so rare they are definitely legendary
  • Labinzel 3712
    I thought my heart stopped during that tumble I was going to be so sad if they died! So shocked they survived!
  • TheJacksnipe
    The hunting scene is more than spectacular, it is unbelievable!