Fox Kids Saturday Morning Cartoons – Halloweekend | The 90's | Full Episodes with Commercials

Published 2021-10-22
👻 Boo! There's no need for cereal when you can scarf down trick or treat candy while watching some Halloween themed Saturday morning cartoons from the 1990's on Fox Kids Halloweekend. 🎃

This is a compilation video I put together using footage of commercials and Halloween themed episodes from shows that played on Saturday mornings (from eight in the morning to noon) on Fox Kids in the 90's. It isn't based on any particular year (in fact, the shows and commercials are from throughout the 90's) but rather somewhat inspired by Fox Kids Halloweekends (and other Halloween themed events, like Monsterama) of the 90's. Think of it as a retro remix or a bootleg Saturday morning broadcast.

This is the thirty-seventh Saturday morning cartoon compilation video I've uploaded like this, as well as the fourth themed video. Happy Halloween! I knew for a long time that I wanted to do a Halloween video, so this video has been a long time coming. I think the one thing I regret not using was the Halloween episode of Casper. Unfortunately, the only versions of it I could find were in really terrible quality. However, I'm definitely more than pleased with the shows I could use. I especially like being able to end it with a Halloween special. I also find it funny that two shows in this video have an episode named Trick or Treat (Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers and Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego?). The next video like this one should be out next Saturday in the evening. Until then, I hope you have as much fun watching this video as I did putting it together.

Disclaimer: I do not make any money or ask/accept any donations for these videos. I make them in my free time as a hobby, out of a love for old television, and because they're the kinds of videos I would like to be able to watch on Youtube. If you see Youtube ads (not commercials) on this video, that's because this video was copyright claimed by a variety of different companies, who chose to run ads on my video for their own profit. I also do not make these videos for children, but for adults like myself who are nostalgic for their childhoods. If the comments are disabled on this video or another like it, it's because Youtube set it as "for children." And that's the end of that disclaimer.

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00:00:00 Intro
00:00:55 Bobby's World
00:30:55 Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers
01:00:55 Eek! the Cat
01:30:56 Life with Louie
02:00:56 Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego?
02:30:55 Big Bad Beetleborgs
03:00:55 Goosebumps
03:30:55 Count DeClue's Mystery Castle

Bobby's World - S01E08 - The Night of the Living Pumpkin
Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers - S01E54 - Trick or Treat
Eek! the Cat - S01E05 - HallowEek
Life with Louie - S03E06 - Louie's Harrowing Halloween
Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego? - S04E02 - Trick or Treat
Big Bad Beetleborgs - S01E24 - Bye, Bye Frankie
Goosebumps - S02E10 - Attack of the Jack-O-Lanterns
Count DeClue's Mystery Castle - Special

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