My Brother's First Time In The German Alps

Published 2022-04-12

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  • Stephen Gallagher
    1:37 Mikey's comment: "You know, my Mom used to say something that made me feel better. She said "The third wheel is what makes it a tricycle.'" Best Line Ever!!!! LOL
  • Tobias Unknown
    NALF is fast becoming Germany's leading expert on Butter Brezels.
  • Walking up a steep path:
    Mikey = dead
    Laura = fresh as the morning sun
    Walking across the shaky bridge:
    for Nick it was the most horrific moment of his life;
    for Laura it was Sunday
  • A81L1FY
    So my Grandfather Heinz Poike and my mother Heike Poike came from Germany and it was always my plan to go visit Germany one time in my life and see where my roots came from. Studied German in high school and have more to learn but my grandfather passed away from a sudden stroke and my mother was killed by a gunman in her home so I have no idea if I will ever make it but at least I am experiencing the country through you and your videos and I am truly grateful for your videos because of this. Danke schön!
  • Charnes Tours
    Nick, your stories, your editing, your style are all wonderful! It is always such a pleasure to watch your videos.
  • Chris Stott
    Nick, you did great making it half way across the bridge! I hate heights as well. I would have never stepped foot on it. I know to send Michael walking sticks .:-) You two might need walkie-talkies next time. Great drone footage.
  • thedaywithme
    Your videos are the only videos on which I press the like button right in the beginning without having really watched them. You haven‘t managed to disappoint me, yet. 😊
  • Klaus2T
    Living half an hour by car to the Alps I´m hiking quite frequently. Never gets boring. I first used the sticks to support my knees at lengthy walking down the mountains (bad experience). But once you are used to them they don´t annoy anymore, they become useful at slippery paths. For me, Berchtesgaden is the more beautiful Alpine region. There are good websites to find the best tour...from a relaxed half-hour tour to multi-day tours with overnight stays in mountain huts. Don't underestimate the risk and the weather! Great content, btw.
  • Kerry
    This area is so beautiful! Mike is a great third wheel.
  • Florentin
    Enjoying your videos very much, it is very interesting to see your experiences as Americans here in Germany. I really love your content and video making, even as a German I can see new beautiful sites of my country ☀️
  • hanna hanna
    What a wonderful video, Nalf, you made my day! It made me forget about all the horrible things we can't avoid seeing. And finally you have to acknowledge that Bavarian Butterbrezels are better than those in BaWü! And it is so funny to see how Laura gets you climbing up the mountains and walk on wobbly scary bridges. I fully understand that you went back because I have the same problem and in my opinion human beings are created to walk on solid ground. Walking sticks may seem bizarre to you but they are good for us elderly people to do a kind of workout because when you do Nordic Walking you activate not only your legs but also arms and shoulders. Mikey is really the cherry on the cake, when he got "lost" you reacted like a dad would do. Please, please more of such videos!
  • Warin Heri
    What a great video of a beautiful part of Germany! I particularly liked the scary pedestrian bridge and the castle ruins, the "German Machu Picchu" 🙂
  • Kalean
    you guys are hilarious. americans in europe always are somewhat funny i swear. im swiss and "partbred german" (excuse my language! lol) , so what you think is weird, makes me laugh. bring it on boys ;) sub here.
  • Ross Leleux
    Hey man. I’ve just discovered your videos. I’m really enjoying your content. I’ve missed traveling so much the past couple of years. Also wanted to say thanks for introducing me to Dermot Kennedy. Amazing stuff. Thanks for your positive presence. The world needs more people like you. Take care, Ross
  • Tim R.
    Besides my fiancee, Nick found the cutest German girl on earth. Due to Mikey's very great sense of humor it won't be long and the Alferi family lost his second son to an other German beauty .... Go for it Mikey - we have plenty left.... 😂
  • Simon Glowka
    11:21 what a great picture: Laura and Nalf are enjoying a pretzel and the probably gorgeous view and than there's Mikey with his phone and a gatorade bottle.
    Awesome video, really happy for you that you had such a nice time there!
  • Philip Kingston
    Really enjoyed this episode such beautiful landscapes, great shots and editing, well done! 🤩 Laura does seem very brave 😂
  • Roy Hughes
    How can one set of parents produce the most incredible set of 5 Gorgeous sons and 1 gorgeous girl? All 5 brothers could appear on the cover of Mens Health Magazine and that issue would sell out and become a collectors item!! All 5 boys have incredible physiques and beyond goodlooking!!!
  • Z Person Shooter
    Awesome video clip again! I´m having a bright smile on my face everytime I watch your clips - that´s why I like them so much! They are made professional with a great sense of humour and all your folks are very likable! Great work, subscribed! :)
  • Lukas P
    I Love your Videos they remind me of how nice Germany really can be after living here all my life