Fast Mechanics In Fortnite Are Overrated

Published 2023-07-15
Fast Mechanics In Fortnite Are Overrated

In this video I cover how Fortnite Pro ThomasHD (Th0masHD) drops a 30 elimination wkey solo cash cup game in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3, whilst using relatively minimal mechanics. I go deep into what's actually important to drop high kill games.

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Hey everyone it’s Reisshub, and Welcome back to another fortnite battle royale vid! Hope you enjoy!

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  • @Carlosw1x
    Nowadays it’s more smart than really fast which is good to see so i dont have to get put into someones highlights 🤣
  • @Flazixfnbr
    How is he able to explain this perfectly and we all understand it like it's Nothing. Respect
  • @IsraelMartinezM7
    These tips are really helpful for fights and practicing it in creative. Having slow mechanics it can really help in thinking what to do in fights and controlling those fights easily and faster. Aiming and crosshair placement in these clips are the crucial points to when fighting as it allows you for good building and fighting like w-keying. W-keying in these clips also comes down to practicing fights which can get you better in fortnite. Getting down the basics can make you the best player there is in fortnite. ❤❤
  • @Jordanthecool7
    I wouldn’t say fast mechanics are overrated, since they are still good in certain situations. But the thing is that a lot of players already have fast mechanics nowadays so mechanics alone isn’t going to set you apart. The real things that set regular players apart from pros is their aim, and their Good game sense ( smart decision making )
  • @squibsquib
    The editing on these videos are phenomenal, keep up the good work bro!
  • @ZarkinX
    Your editing is always so clean, the replays mixed with the edits are so awesome
  • @Flafex
    I loveee this channel. It shows a mature perspective of the game. keeping going, you're amazing
  • @kevinjasak8420
    I never knew esport was this serious and not just building and shooting. Im a gamer myself with pretty good reaction times and fast thinking and problem solving but this is just crazy how these people can do the most insane things in milliseconds. Like thinking about what the opponent will do, what he should do, actually doing it and meanwhile being precise and always having the crosshair on the enemy even when theres a wall between them. Insane respect.
  • @Prismfnr
  • @wgyro
    these tips are really good i realize i have to play a lot more confedeint as i see in thomas gameplay he gets a beam on one and has an instant healt advantage and thats a big step to winning fihgts
  • @burnttoast4
    Do I play build mode at all? No. Did I watch the whole video? Yes.
  • @009soue9
    Amazing the quality of your videos, keep it up
  • @fantomet3291
    could not explain it better myself keep the amazing content up!
  • @fengshuimma9160
    I thought I was getting decent, this shows me there is muchhhhh to go. Absolutely amazing gameplay and fantastic commentating. Love your content. I don't remember the last time I subbed anything, O wait I do, just now!
  • @Biggaboo
    I think a really good idea is to breakdown Martoz’s gameplay, I think it would be very interesting especially with all the unique plays he does. Also a story video about Martoz would be great as his life story is very different to other people especially where he came from. Edit: Although I think he doesn’t play too much competitive fortnite and only plays ranked.
  • @curtisg3912
    edits insane, explaining insane, and teaching insane. keep it up
  • @Torshfps
    Really good video prob best informational video ive seen on youtube
  • @jackwabbit9784
    Loved this video, I’d also love to see a video about winning fights when you are low HP or 1v2
  • @UldisBiz
    I'm an old player by Fortnite standards and my biggest problem in FN BR is not that my mechanics are too slow (we play in public lobbies mostly) but that I can't track the opponent, I often feel lost under pressure and don't know the right decision for the particular situation. In Zero Builds I'm fairly competent for average difficulty. Jeez, BR is complicated.