NewJeans - "Super Shy" + "OMG" [2023 Billboard Music Awards]

Published 2023-11-19
#BBMAs #NewJeans #BillboardMusicAwards

NewJeans perform "Super Shy" and "OMG" at the 2023 Billboard Music Awards.


The “2023 Billboard Music Awards” (BBMAs) celebrate music’s greatest achievements, honoring the year’s hottest names in music determined by year-end performance metrics on the Billboard charts. The BBMAs are delivering a reimagined award show concept that will entertain fans with music and exclusive content, including winner celebrations, behind-the-scenes moments, and performances created by the world’s biggest chart-topping artists. Performances and award celebrations will take place in global locations, in the midst of sold-out tours, and in custom venues – all with bespoke BBMAs creative.

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  • @getacut6940
    와.. 스타일링 진짜 신의 영역같음…
  • @cobedominic355
    이건 이쁘다 귀엽다 이 수준을 떠나서... 거의 팝아트의 초현실적 느낌마저 든다. 뉴진스는 완전히 다른 영역에 있다.
  • @user-im3ph4rw4q
    딱히 뉴진스 팬도 아닌 그저 지나가는 이모 눈에도 너무 예쁘고 귀여워서 인형인가 싶은...
  • @Xuepreme69
    They slayed as usual no cookie crumbs left. Newjeans is so humble inviting billboard to their concert like that.
  • @hrrtsy
    They’re all giving visuals, the makeup, the outfits, everything is on point!! Love these girls!!!!
  • @user-fi1wu3nl2f
    민희진 진정 예술가네~ 작품에 혼을 쏟아부으니 결과가 찬란해
  • @lillninoo
    their stylist never ever disappoints
  • @BelieveIt123
    NewJeans are literally the moment rn man. Two huge events in the same day? First the LOL worlds final and now the BBMA. All this just after a year of debuting is insane. They will be dominating everything soon, I am sure of it and I am here for it ❤
  • @sj8814
    They are the definition of monster rookie. Slaying hard since debut. Nationally internationally both
  • @luvleecha8029
    이런 역대급 아이돌이 받는 대우와 상황이 어이가없다…
  • @desti-yeet
    their live performances are always so unique and out of the box. i love that they switch up their songs so it doesn’t feel like you’re seeing the same thing over and over again ❤️
  • @amai_zing
    this performance is my newest obsession - they're just so unbelievably incredible
  • @PurpleHaze4me
    They won the Top Global Kpop Artist award at BBMA. Congrats to New Jeans!
  • @AI-zj2gf
    이 정도면 뉴진스는 무형문화재 지정하라
  • @aesthral
    I love how their stylist have fun with outfits and trends with young people not just the kpop scene!! not just unmatching designer pieces for the sake of being expensive and designer!
  • @marron1
    와 이번 무대 역대급이다 헤메코 세트 편곡까지 미쳤네
  • @DarkRonier
    OMG 무대의상이 너무 레전드인데 귀여움이 도가 지나치다 치사량이야