The Arrow Gun (More Powerful Than ANY Crossbow!!!)

Published 2023-12-04
In today’s video we try out the arrow gun! I hope you enjoy the video and thanks for watching!

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All Comments (21)
  • @boopednose2241
    It's surprising how much power the arrow gun has with just a 22 blank providing the momentum to the arrow. Imagine if they made a bigger bore version.
    After So many years, I love how Scott is still making us happy with the skits
  • @killeralltires
    I want to see a accuracy test at 20 30 40 and 50 yards. Maybe out further if its holding well. Definitely get some adjustable sights on that and go wild for science!
  • Don't forget that Dewalt makes different power levels of 22LR blanks for powder actuated tools. I'd love to see a speed comparison between the different power levels. Also, I'm impressed that it cycles the spent casing out. There's enough back pressure from the arrow.
  • @alicorngummy3894
    I am genuinely shocked that Scott actually used the chronograph before destroying it.
  • De-knocked aluminum arrow in a .410 works phenomenally. Gotta open the shell and dump the bbs out but leave the wad in. I watched my cousin bust a groundhog from a solid 100yds away with one one time lol. First deer he ever killed with an arrow came out of a .410 too. 😂🤦🏼‍♂️ Squirrel season and Whitetail archery season were both in, so he took buckshot and an arrow.
  • My crossbow manages around 380 feet per second. The fact that the arrow gun, with barely any hassle, manages to get 400+ FPS with a .22 blank is impressive.
  • @natekinzie4749
    As kids me and two friends had .22 rifles. Our parents wouldn't let us buy paintball guns at the time. We used blanks and pvc to make our own paintball guns. After our folks saw the plate sized welts left by our custom paintball guns, we were allowed real ones... long story short, this was no surprise to me!!
  • Dude, you are seriously effed up. I LOVE IT!!!! The genie skit at the beginning of the video was hilarious! It may be your best one yet!!
  • @ashleybonner5423
    I've been curious about archery ever since my father told me more than half my lifetime ago when I was 16 and had educated me on the history and use of certain widely available trees for the wood used even smack bang in the middle of a battlefield. I didn't get to know him much throughout life and he died 8 weeks ago today. As a fantasy gamer, I've always preferred the idea of bows and swords to firearms, even though I enjoy games like CoD. Watching archery videos led me to your crossbow test and then to your other vids like these and they bring me comfort. I hope to take up archery soon, though I'd probably have to visit the United States of Merikuh if I get curious enough to try firearms, they're not anywhere near as prominent here in the UK! Keep entertaining me with powerful calibers, unique weapons like these as well as your usual shenaniganry, Scott!

    - Ash
  • It really made me chuckle when Scott brought out the chronograph. I really was curious how fast the bolt was moving but I immediately got disappointed because I just assumed he was gonna shoot it without getting a reading first 😂
  • @foxpopuli6982
    Hey Scott! Just so you know, not all .22 blanks are created equal. I believe there's a company called Ramset that makes "powder actuated tools" and they make at least four different levels of .22 blanks for firing said tools..
    IIRC these blanks can be fired from any .22 caliber rimfire gun.
    Something to look into.
  • I love how much joy he gets from the smallest bit of destruction! (The chipper, dropping heavy objects onto vehicles, etc)
  • It sure is great to see you again . I’ve been going through a phase of Loosing weight and trying to git back in some shape at age 66 . My goal is to assist the Honorable Mr Abbot to secure our Texas Border . I’ve lost weight from 270 down to 204 and I’m up to 500 sit-ups . I absolutely admire you and you are my 500mag Guru . A Marine Corps salute to you Sir !
  • Scott, every day you post a video it's a better day. Thank you for being the incredible person and character that you are. You have a gift for bringing joy to all our lives.
  • @bakedpotato8756
    Scott's one of the luckiest people in the world. He never grew up on the inside and landed a job that's basically "Hey. Around here, there's no bad ideas. But more importantly, have fun with it". And I am so thankful for that.

    Also. The chronograph thing never gets old 😂
  • @mortyc137a2
    Arrows have more kinetic energy transfer than bullets, I knew it would go straight through that body armor with ease. I'd love to see you test arrows with a higher caliber round on higher rated armor. Love the work on this channel, and glad to see genie return too lol.
  • @danielwindt2890
    Crazy arrow gun. But funny as well.

    I watch your videos now since 2019 and I'm still very entertained by them. It's so cool seeing you over the years how you evolved. I really love your humor and your laughing.

    I just wanna say thank you for all the years of great videos and great entertainment ❤