Amnesia: The Bunker - ENDING

Published 2023-07-19

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  • @ElectricP33n
    Mark finding more comfort and solace in carrying around a stuffed Rabbit rather than a shotgun speaks volumes.
  • @henrytadd1553
    Mark: “Oh no not the Germans!”
    Also Mark: unintentionally releasing monster Lambert onto the Germans
  • @Weboboajd
    The fact he finished the game without realising he can break down most doors with a brick instead of using a grenade is very Mark.
  • @SamusV4
    "Get trapped, nerd!" Five seconds later "I'm trapped! I'm a nerd!" Never change Mark, never change. 🤣
  • @Sanguinerose2324
    I love that mark's initial instinct for the rabbit was exactly what Lambert does with it if you throw it at him.
  • @buzzyb13
    Mark: "WHAT?! I defeated it!"
    Rewind to the moment that Mark sets the monster free to wreak havoc on the world. 😂
  • @thevenator3955
    Mark handled the fight with the poet guy surprisingly well, it’s a really well made mini boss with the fake people and footsteps, and he didn’t just unload bullets into the random ghosts meant to trick you lol
  • @lills3879
    The duality of the horror in the bunker and the horror of world war one is such a cool concept. Everything inside wants to kill you but you start to remember (especially in the pillbox) that everything outside wants to kill you also. (at least from the German lines).
  • @juusolatva
    Mark is on the right track, since the texts about the tunnels reference an other world, which is exactly where you eventually end up in Amnesia: Rebirth, while Lambert has basically turned into a ghoul on steroids.
  • @thpookyghost4099
    Mark: listening to the ramblings of a madman that wants to kill him
    Also Mark:*continues to wound up loud flashlight*
  • I think Mark letting the monster live (even if not intentionally) is very fitting for him.
  • @Gambitfan
    Ah, when Mark correctly deduces that he has to throw the rabbit at the creature but doesn't wait until the final confrontation to do it.
  • @Onyxiate
    Mark learning that the bolt cutters can disable tripwires and immediately getting himself blown up by a tripwire while being so utterly confused sums up this playthrough perfectly.
  • I LOVE how this game was paced, the first episode we didn’t even see it, the second we got glimpses and spooks, by the fourth, the safe room was no longer safe, and then the conclusion! So good!
  • @davidwhiting1761
    So Henri wound up releasing an immortal being obsessed with killing things while getting himself stuck behind the German lines.
    Sounds like a WONDERFUL ending!
  • @pugums3433
    wonder if mark will ever realize that if you show him the bunny on one of the blow upable bridges itd stun him and then you blow the bridge to kill em... would be fun to see a second playthrough
  • @LucindaPug
    Amnesia games are fantastic at proving that a good horror game doesn’t need to focus on jump scares to be scary
  • @tbyk1677
    There is another ending that is pretty much identical to the ending Mark got. During the final battle if you use the rabbit toy (at least this is how I did it) on one of the wooden bridges it will keep the monster distracted long enough for you to blow up the bridge without him jumping off said bridge. When you tumble down the cliff into the water with all the bodies, it will play out exactly the same except the monster wont come out of the exit and scurry off into the distance.
  • @marchingmess
    The rabbit being held on screen is the relief this game needs
  • @lierce6130
    Seeing Mark get jumpscared by almost clicking the detonator handle without reading was pretty great