Opera Singer's VOCAL ANALYSIS of Jimin (from BTS) | "Like Crazy" (1ST-TIME REACTION)

Published 2023-05-01
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⭐ Link to Original Video:    • 지민 (Jimin) 'Like Crazy' Official MV  


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⏰ Timestamps:
0:00 - Intro
2:58 - Reaction & Analysis
18:26 - O

All Comments (21)
  • @PeterBarber
    Thoroughly enjoyed my first solo Jimin experience! What else should I check out and analyze by him?
  • @annaluczak1402
    Thank you for an interesting analyse of Jimin's vocals. I think you would enjoy every one of his solo songs, as he is constantly working on the new ways of delivering the emotions - Lie, Serendipity, Friends, Promise, Filter, Christmas Love, and all other songs from his first album FACE - Face Off, Alone, Set Me Free Pt. 2, and the hidden track Letter. Maybe it's not much of the solo songs for 10 years of the artistic career, but each one is a gem. And there is a lot of Jimin's vocals sparkling in most of BTS songs. Greetings from Canada💜
  • @BetterGreta13
    1980s synth wave was my time,....the 80s!...(I'm 64)....but that is not why I love this song. It's Jimin. His voice is so unique and so captivating. With BTS or on his own, he slays me, man....
  • @Lily-kw9gf
    Jimin voice is just so beautiful I love his voice I mean obssessed with the song and his new album
  • @LOU-kv5gr
    Your reaction to JIMIN’s vocals for Like Crazy is very much appreciated! You must know that Jimin is extremely hard on himself especially about polishing his vocals. I WILL WORK HARDER is Jimin’s mantra. Nevertheless, no one can sing Jimin’s songs as well as he does. His unique vocal style makes him distinctly Jimin. Many thanks for your expert reaction, Peter.
  • Great singer and great dancer...Jimin's uniwue beautiful voice always my favorite❤
  • @lonehegh8735
    This song is also in English from a live version on Jimmy Fallon and an acoustic version "more jazzy" on a korean show...I love the last one best 😊
  • @tso7785
    This is my first time hearing your reactions, and I enjoyed it very much. Thank you so much for appreciating our Jimin‘s voice. His voice has changed a lot over the years, and he has never been very confident in his singing. For Jimin’s solo work, I recommend Serendipity live, as well as Lie live. (Letter lyric video as well) For BTS reactions, I enjoy the live performances the most. You can hear their vocal perfection, despite doing massive amounts of choreography!
  • @romimemo5285
    JIMIN sing acuostic ver like crazy it's so clear and his voice so beautiful
  • @evantesseract737
    Jimin and Jungkook can both do these seamless register transitions, which makes it a challenge to figure out what they're technically doing at any point. And Jimin is bright even down low, so... Good luck, basically. 🤣

    You might enjoy checking out the many things he does with his voice in Set Me Free pt 2. He's got some effects going on but he's also using completely different techniques - this song is pretty much the voice i was used to, that one is not. And he turns himself into many different voices to have a conversation with himself... I love how much he experimented to tell that story.
  • @hollyjette276
    Jimin’s “Lie” live performance is spectacular…..try watching that one👍🏻💜
  • There is an English version of this song. But Serendipity (live version), Filter (live version) and Set Me free pt 2 are great solos of Jimin
  • Jimin also has a like crazy full english version 💜
    Gracias por reaccionar
  • I'd be interested in hearing your thoughts on Jimin's song "Alone" from his Face album. He sings in his lower register in that one. It gives a different emotional feel.
  • @DulArauz
    Su voz de Jimin es única 💜