WHAT A VOICE! | Rapper Reacts to Jimin Of BTS - 'Like Crazy' (FIRST REACTION)

Published 2023-03-27
Rapper reacts to Jimin Of BTS for the first time!! His viral song 'Set me Free Pt.2' Official MV

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BTS Reactions. BTS Album Review Color Coded Lyrics Full Reaction Breakdown Hidden Meanings MV M/V Rap 지민 (Jimin) 'Set Me Free Pt.2' Official MV Jimin First Reaction Rap Full Analysis Like Crazy New Album

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All Comments (21)
  • @KnoxHill
    What else should we react to? 🤔 Comment below! Also if you want to support the channel directly join the Patreon for more BTS related reactions & content 🖤 www.patreon.com/knoxhill
  • @katharinafk
    Do you know why I love your BTS reations so much? Because even though you're not even deep into the fandom, you just GET IT. Every time.
  • @ninvelasco
    "This man literally fell from heaven and started singing" AMEN. It's been weeks since the song was released and I'm still obsessed 😭 Jimin's voice is divine.
  • @angelche5100
    Sounds like a party song, but as it played repeatedly I can feel heaviness and its deep meaning, and it’s sad. The song and MV is amazing! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 So proud of Jimin 💜🫶🏻
  • @WastingtimePJM
    "It's about the painful feeling of losing oneself while searching for a loved one in a dream, but still wanting to stay in the dream forever." - Jimin. Knox hill caught the meaning quick🙌
  • @jeonmine6653
    You're the only one who gets deeper into the song and you so effortlessly go into ARMY mode with the theory dissection!! I love it...
  • @TanPanda
    The way I interpret this song is that Jimin had things he wanted to do, a life he wanted to live, but he was forced into an state of euphoria in order to escape the immense anxiety and pain he was experiencing. He would either have to live with unbearable pain or live unhealthily without it. "This is gonna break me" is referencing a break in the soul/mind.

    This song really hit me hard since I recently went through a very traumatizing sickness (nothing life threatening but imagine you are having a violent coughing attack 24/7 for 9 months except the coughing is vomiting). The only way I was able to get through that was to literally escape my mind. I had a fruit cough drop in my mouth all day to distract me from my hunger, I couldn't sleep so I had to stay up all night multiple times a week (around 12 hrs of sleep weekly). So instead of getting into bed I played video games for 10-16 hrs at a time to distract me from my painful attacks and even more gruesome nights. Sometimes I would even go 3-4 days without sleep because even if I got in bed, my sickness was actively making me sweat like I just had a 6hr sports practice (I was an athlete). Every time I ate I had to pray that at least 10% of it would stay down. I went from 195lbs to 145lbs. My life was just an illusion and I could only live and think in the present. Focused only what's in front of me and not losing a drop of focus even to remember 10s in the past.

    A year and a half later I am still suffering from the aftereffects its had on me. I lost most of my ability to think and memorize which forced me into leaving college where I was studying astrophysics at a top university, Caltech as well as leaving collegiate baseball. My sense of time and direction is almost entirely gone. I can no longer react emotionally unless I am on medication, and the emotions I feel are very shallow and go away instantly.

    I know I can no longer go back to what I once was, but It is even harder to realize who I am and my own identity. It took me 21 years to find my personality and dreams, and I can only think that it will take me another 10-20 more years to re-find myself.

    Jimins album is a wonderful interpretation of losing yourself and then trying to find yourself again. While I do not know if he is still suffering and sure hope he is not, this album has had an immense impact on my emotions and has given me reassurance that I am not alone in my struggles.
  • @cottonspore8379
    Very well observed. Jimin recently disclosed in an interview that not only is this inspired by the 2011 movie, Like Crazy, but the central theme of the song is to cope from the heavy emotions post breakup. "Losing oneself while searching for a loved one in a dream." - Jimin on his song Like Crazy for Spotify interview.
  • @suzy7645
    I can’t believe what Suga revealed on the Suchwita episode with Jimin that when they were trainees, Bighit was trying to turn Jimin into a rapper. Suga set the management straight and said he had such a unique voice so he must be trained a singer, and he was bad at rapping anyway!
  • I love your reaction and insights to this music video. You were able to capture specific points and even got how the lyrics weren’t just surface level. Jimin did say that the songs on his first solo album, including Like Crazy, were influenced by the emotions he felt during the pandemic, and yes, this particular song was based on a movie with the same title.
  • Just read a really interesting interview with Jimin, he said this album is really personal to him and that he decided on the themes for the song, wrote the lyrics and basically lived with the producers day in day our so got to properly appreciate the production side to the music. I hope you can check out the other songs too. Your interpretations are always brilliant!
  • @Angela-lb9zi
    This is Jimin's feelings during lockdown and the pandemic. He missed being able to hang out with friends, he missed the 'relationship' with Army. He worried that things would become too different as time progressed and things wouldn't feel the same. Like when we haven't seen someone for a long time and then when we see them again the vibe has changed and it's the beginning of the end. This song is sad tbh.
  • @Treycrete
    Thank you for this reaction Knox. I’m also really loving Help Me. I really needed to hear it 💜 Have a great day.
  • Thank you!! Oh I’d pay good money to see Billboard’s faces at Jimin debuting at 1 on the hot 100 after all their scheming to keep BTS out of the top 😂😂 Expecting a new rule change soon though…
  • @taechwita5979
    It’s so cool seeing their individuality shine and knowing this will make for an even stronger BTS when they are able to reunite: Jimin said that at a time he felt lost, he spoke to the members about how he was feeling and they suggested putting it into music. This album ‘FACE’ was then born. The songs are really good and very personal. There’s a lot of experimentation in sounds too which I think you’d enjoy!
  • @user-ik1qj8ni4o
    lmao like a chucky doll looking me down in the eyes and then the “This man literally fell from heaven and started singing”

    Beautifully sad. You said it 😭👏
  • @xiaojishun
    Jimin really has a heavenly voice!! Listening to him sing is like listening to an angel’s voice!!
    Btw can I have a suggestion about your reaction: I really love your detailed explanations, but I’d appreciate if you can watch the whole song/video first, then watch for the second time to explain things. It will make you feel the song better as a whole too.
  • @minimini4792
    What a brilliant analysis of the lyrics and the MV filmic techniques. You nailed it
  • @CalicoMarimo
    Smart cookie! That WAS the 2011 movie “Like Crazy” that left an impact on him when he watched it; and he took those phrases directly from it!!! And yes, Jimin is our Angel who came to bless us with his voice, his beautiful personality and his ethereal looks!! Are you sure you’re not Army from years back?! Your insight is ridiculously on point!!! I can tell you’re really freaking smart - your critical thinking and emotional intelligence must be really high!😀. And how many of us have experienced this exact same pain and angst?!
  • @evantesseract737
    Damn, Knox, you don't miss much. There are a lot of possible layers to this one, but you picked up on so much 😁