CHET BAKER - My Funny Valentine

Published 2009-03-11
From the laserdisc "Chet Baker in Tokyo" - 1987

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  • @orleyh
    There was no more complete jazz musician than Chet when he first appeared on the scene - They called him the Male Elizabeth Taylor - he was so handsome. He played by ear. I think the jury is still out regarding drugs and art. The combination produced too much greatness for us not to stop and wonder. I've known too many artists who confessed to doing their best work while drugged (especially on alcohol) for me to pass judgement. Chet was the greatest, but he died violently as he lived.
  • @avibson
    In past 7 months I heard this amazingly touching performance more than 50 times and never enough CHET BAKERs tragic life imbedded into. Hearing more he becomes my favorite, not so funny but sad Valentine. Amazing and old style Jazz in its best.
  • @PurpleSilk
    I'm about to cry watching this. His version of this song has always melted my heart to a big ol' puddle. I've never heard it live before. His voice was so smooth and lovely and soothing...<3
  • @paciphish
    What a great talent. I am very thankful you shared this video. This is truly a performance I feel priveleged to have seen. Thanks again Vladimirs.
  • @jere1102
    hits the nail on the head--one of those singers whose voices are truly instrumental--hear it in the pitch, tempo, phrasing--truly exceptional--essence of jazz
  • @j0807m
    To me, "One Night In Tokyo" and "Kind Of Blue" ranks as the two all time best jazz albums. They are equally good.
  • @grizmaster1
    Absolutely gorgeous. Absoutely astounding. Such a heartfelt rendition. It exceeds even his previous interpretations.
  • @TheNam6
    Let me be honest. This is too much. I mean it's too good. And look at his facial expressions! Master
  • @bertbretherton
    Every now and again someone comes along and shows the rest of us what it is like to enjoy their magic. Chet was one of those few. Thanks for sharing.
  • @melooolem
    you can feel the life in his songs...not just singing
  • @cooknbobs
    This is Classic Great Chet all the pain this is hert and soul!The way he builds the band to get the time going!!! If your jazz trumpet player listen and learn.This video was taken off for a while Thank God its back!This is GOLD!!!!! BM
  • @hanspuge
    so stunning!what a voice!what a solo!!what an artist!!it touches deep down in my soul!!
  • @bdonnici
    My God, I miss this man and his music. You people listening to Kenny G, thinking you are listening to jazz, need another think - THIS is jazz at its finest. This is what jazz really IS.
  • @gabeuop79
    It's amazing how such beauty can spring from such tragedy and hard times, and Chet certainly knew both.
  • @f15r18
    I can listen this song all day long. It's Just amazing. Thanks for posting.
  • @hadoq
    Find him any excuses whatsoever, this, ladies and gentlemen, is pure music, period.
  • @f15r18
    Me saco el sombrero. Un artista de verdad. Que expresion!
  • @EricChellman
    Chet Baker Brings IT every time!!! He's moved me more than any artist ever. They say, a singer can't sing it with their hart , if they haven't had it OR been there! You hear it in his voice and you can see it in the deep lines all over his face... he'll always move me like none other.... Chet Rules!!
  • @didiklomberg
    My all time no1 hero, Chet, the only one who can bring me tears and shivers.
    Damned good bassplayer too, Hein van der Geyn.
  • @sidmarjazz
    chet baker foi e sera eterno com seus solos e som lindo de trompete