Man finds himself on missing kids website

Published 2012-04-24
Last year, Steve Carter, of Philadelphia, found a picture of himself on a missing children's website. CBS News correspondent Terrell Brown reports on Carter's journey to find out who he really is.

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  • The longest missing child case in US history, solved by the missing child himself.
  • @LynxChan
    I'm just pleased that his adoptive parents are purely innocent in all of this, it would be awful to discover the parents you love are actually kidnappers. And that age progression is incredibly impressive!
  • Props to the guy who created that image just by looking at a babies face. That is pure talent people.
  • @renaldsunset
    I can’t even imagine how the dad felt hearing his son’s voice 30 YEARS later
  • @Emblafant
    It feels so good to hear that a child that was missing for so long was actually in good hands the whole time :)
  • @mousermind
    This hits hard. My mother basically kidnapped me as well, telling my father I was a miscarriage and skipping town. He never even knew I existed until a few years ago.
  • That’s horrifying. Just imagine, out of curiosity you go onto a missing child website and see yourself
  • @ForeverSus
    Everyone talks about how he must have felt.

    Imagine how his dad felt after 30 some years. His son was taken and he just had to wonder if he was even still alive. But then one day out of the blue a man calls and introduces himself as his missing son. That’s intense
  • @JosephDillman
    My first thought was "oh, were his adopted parents kidnappers?!" They weren't, nor were they really mentioned again. I know this guy has a lot to sort out, but I hope they don't forget who he became being raised by those who adopted him and they get the appreciation they deserve.
  • @pokeoh1831
    this dude is probably the only person that ever had an oppurtunity to say "I'm your long lost son from Hawaii" and not be lying
  • @HokeyBugle
    I love the awkward walk they made the dad do while they introduced him
  • So his mother left and was put in an asylum yet they didn't give the baby back to the father!? That's so crazy!
  • @BarclayMagoo
    Police: can’t solve case

    This guy: fine I’ll do it myself
  • What a blessing he was adopted, regardless of circumstances.
  • @leorobin832
    Gosh sounds like his mom kind of lost it. Glad he wasn’t kidnapped by a stranger and ended up with good adoptive parents. Very glad he found his dad and I hope he can meet his family in person.
  • His poor father... I can't imagine the pain he went through. Great to hear that atleast they were reunited.
  • @lon8486
    I’ve seen his picture many times on missing children’s posters in various places like Walmart, etc and different sites. Strange how some pictures stand out more than others. Nice to know this case was solved and has a happy ending. I’ve often wondered what happened to children who’ve gone missing for many years/decades ...
  • @joywalker4918
    I am so thrilled about this, especially for the dad, I watched this documentary when I was really young. I'm now 50 years old, this is amazing. I've always wondered if he was ever going to find his son, and I always wanted that for him, this makes me incredibly happy, I know the father really was in a lot of pain now, though he'll get to know his son, and that's awesome, I'm really hoping and wishing these 2 end up having a great relationship..
  • @caroa9707
    I am super impressed by that age progression picture. Like wow that was pretty accurate
  • @Candyrock15
    I'm just so glad the dad lived long enough to see his son again