Avenged Sevenfold - Nobody (Official Video)

Published 2023-03-14

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    it's so crazy to think about how much life has changed since the last a7x album
  • Nixel
    I think Avenged sevenfold is the only band that when they make new music I get goosebumps hearing it and even emotional at times just feeling their music so beautiful
  • DesertedMind
    This song is an acquired taste. The more I listen to it, the more I love it.
  • essa música tocada ao vivo vai ficar demais 😁😁
  • Jairo Rosero
    Excelente canción, cada vez muestran algo diferente, sin duda alguna estamos ante una agrupación musical, que innova y es muy musical, destila arte por todos lados, muy bien por adaptar lo progresivo a sus últimas composiciones, no defraudan para nada, por último, excelentes voces y ni hablar del solo de guitarra.
  • Chrstphr luis
    I can’t believe I’ve been jamming a7x since 9th grade and now I’m 34 and my daughter loves them! So crazy how life passes by. Thank you a7x for everything 🙌
  • NoppeN
    Hard to put it in words, but this song just feels like it always was, and yet it's yet another advancement in their musicianship into the "progressive" realm. Well done boys, well done. 👏
  • Cristian M
    Es una maldita obra de arte 🤘😎
  • Brenner Romine
    This is one of the most thought-provoking songs that I've heard in the last decade. An artistic music video replete with nuanced ideas within the lyrics involving existentialism and cosmological perspective is not something that I expected. Fantastic job, guys! I cannot wait to hear the rest of the album!
  • Grisel Prado
    El vídeo está chingonsisimo y la canción ni se diga. Gracias Avenged Sevenfold por seguir dándonos excelente música.
    LOS AMO. 🖤🎧
  • yami

    edit: quanta gente!!! é nóis
  • Xadrez de Rua
    O comentário em Português que você procurava. Excelente a mensagem da música, a melodia e voz do Shadows, amadurecida!
    Me encanta el estilo progressive que le han dado a la canción
  • First time listening I couldn't even process everything correctly, but by the second time, that beautiful chorus just fucking hit me. What a crazy ass composition. Avenged is really stepping it the fuck up. never heard anything like this. I have so much faith in you, A7X, I know you guys put all your hearts and minds into these, and it shows. I cant wait to hear the whole thing. Cheers from Brazil