360 Degree View of Giza Pyramids, Cairo, Egypt, Part 1

Published 2008-10-02

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  • @movement26
    Great vid....and the music adds a touch of mysticism.
  • @LambdaQuarks
    I actually like the song that plays. Cool vid. I visited Cairo twice but the pyramids only once.
  • @tracym222
    Great video, can't wait to see them when I go next March, I like the music to the Vid, anyone know what it is called and who it is by?
  • @mindvolution
    ah, yes, having asked this question in fact I can! :]] I imagine them covered in marble and shining hundreds of miles away, like desert beacons! And the whole complex... pretty massive, ritualistic behavior and engineering in ancient times - an amazing fusion! ..
  • @mindvolution
    Hello :) Hopefully, things will settle for the good in Egypt by the time you go there..! I don't really remember all the bands' names, whose songs' snippets I use in this video. One is Zeb, also Cairo Orchestra. Just do a search on Chill Out, Ethnic, World music genres .., (:
  • @mindvolution
    The stone near the end of the vid was inscribed with tens of names that different people who came to visit this same spot carved in it for the future tourists to marvel at! It is a hidden spot and you have to climb a bit to reach it. I found it by chance, despite the label "No climbing" lol
    Unfortunately, this is the best quality I could achieve, just Youtube is messing it up too much. And I had to convert from PAL to NTSC
  • @CosmosPrivateer
    Because all we ever see is the pyramids and all they talk about is the way they may have been built.

    I would suggest you watch a video that was made by


    The Origin of Esoteric Knowledge

    It has the best look at egyptian cities and culture.
  • @tatasilem6893
    cant really the pyramids be the key to all,?it all start from there so meaby in some ways.
  • @firthparkkk
    how can a nation build all the pyramids and stuff and then to go on to being not able to plum a toilet in ,strange
  • @danceabout1
    theres underground citys under these ones were evil kamagol reigned and bafar
    they got arrested by galactics in 70's
  • @AreaClouded
    I went there and the place is full of arabs offering camels for my sister. Quite annoying.