ryan reynolds effortlessly hilarious interview clips

Published 2021-05-31

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  • Hooligan101
    the fact this guy isn't even a professional comedian but has perfect punchlines and amazing comedic timing is amazing
  • PumpkinGuts
    I like how he immediately apologizes when his role as green lantern is brought up, as if it's an instinctual reaction
  • KTIF
    "You don't want your girls to go into show business?"
    "No, mostly because I am against child abuse"

    Legendary quote right there. I wish family channels would take his lesson.
  • Josie Josie
    Ryan is a natural comedian. He could have been a stand up comic easily.
  • A.A.M.
    him and Blake are both honestly the full package. smart, funny, kind and super attractive. I really love them and their little family.
  • The fact he’s able to answer these questions so jokingly with a straight face
  • Ketchup Ash
    He is a very private person. He answers private questions with sarcasms. I like that, great technique
  • Animangaman
    I just love how most of the time he just says it with a straight face. It just shows how he really is effortlessly funny.
  • Neilos Beverly
    You can tell how unscripted his responses are. I think even he doesn't know what he's going to say and just let's his mind and mouth fly. To me he's one of the funniest ones out there
  • Wubz
    I love how he loves to talk about his daughters but also in the funniest way. You can tell he really loves his family :)
  • Giselle Hernandez
    "I thought she'd been pounding beer... turns out she's 6 months pregnant." LMAO, this guys' sarcasm is GOLDEN
  • Maria Hernandez
    He is just so hilarious, the amount of sarcasm that comes out of his mouth is amazing. I love him, he’s too funny.
  • zanshibumi
    He's so smart and witty. He can think ahead of the interviewer and creates comedy on the spot.
  • Chryzante
    Ryan is not just funny, his speed of thought is amazing
  • Password
    i never knew how hard it was to laugh silently until this video when i was watching it around my family
  • no
    I like how he answers personal questions with sarcasm. He gives Chandler Bing. He said in an interview he suffers from anxiety during interviews sometimes, and I think his answers reflect that. Like the whole kids in the industry-against child abuse.
  • cheezeofages
    Reynolds has this weirdly subtle maniac energy. Like he's thinking about tons of things while talking to people. Like he perpetually worries he left the stove on.
  • Shinigami
    ryan reynolds is a national treasure that has to be protected at all costs.