Return to the Sunnah – Abdal Hakim Murad: Ramadan Moments

Published 2023-04-19
We round up Ramadan with a reminder of the unbreakable connection with the Prophet
ﷺ that all Muslims have.
We are, for the first time, inviting you to experience what it’s like to study at Cambridge Muslim College, with lectures and talks directly from our faculty members, students & alumni – and you! Engage directly during Live Interactive Sessions, and become part of the classroom experience. And of course, don't miss out on Shaykh Abdal Hakim Murad's inspiring Ramadan Moments every Friday, insha Allah.

This Ramadan, learn with us as we Educate, Elevate & Illuminate entire communities for generations to come. 📚 ✉️ 🕯


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All Comments (21)
  • @biaagha456
    Prayers for shaykh Murad’s health and long life
  • @C345OFR
    06:00 For those outside the UK, the distance between Norwich and London is 123.5 miles (about 200km). 10.5 hours on a modern bicycle according to Google. For a return trip, double that time/distance. True love indeed of the Sheikh's father for the Sheikh's mother, ma sha Allah.
  • @theoneh5249
    18 year old med student here from the UK. May Allah SWT bless you Shaykh Abdul Hakim Murad for sharing these reminders, and those who facilitate these reminders. I love you all for the sake of Allah ❤️
  • @Ismeen
    May Allah Azwajal protect and preserve you Shaykh.
  • Wonderful, wise, amazing shaykh Abdal Hakim. Ma shah Allah. Allah give you shifa Kamila ; bless you more, protect you and give you a long healthy life all creation to benefit. Ameen. Allah ta qabbal your umrah with HabibAllah saws wa ajmaeen. Ameen. 💚🌷🤲🏻☝🏻❤️
  • @eltonsey
    We love you very much sheikh ❤
  • @Laknouz
    Allahumma Salli ala Sayidina Muhammad wa 'ala alihi wa sahbihi wa Sallam 🤲🌙❤️🌹
  • @biaagha456
    As always truly inspirational. May Allah bless Shaykh Murad and allow us to learn and be guided by his immense wisdom and knowledge
  • @SunnahTaqwa
    Never have I heard any other man's speech be as scholarly, proper, precise, and profound as a thoroughly-researched and well-edited academic paper. Maa sha'Allah, baarakAllah, may Allah SWT preserve the Shaykh
  • @ercanaslantas
    l pray to Allah cc to give you health and long life for the Ummah and the humanity. Bayram mubarek. May Allah cc save you and your beloved ones.
  • @flowerpot6058
    Bless you immensely Ya Shaykh. You bring peace to our homes with your very being. Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala Grant you long, healthy life. Ameen
  • "In our time, a time where the enlightenment seems to have reached its final logical conclusion: be yourself; find yourself; express yourself; discover yourself... and anybody who gets in the way of your self (however vague a thing that might turn out to be) is oppressing you. But it's clear that this is not working very well. We're experiencing now, particularly among young people, a mental health pandemic across the Western world: 44% of 18 to 24 year olds in the UK are reporting mental health issues. It's not a happy age - an age which is free to be oneself but not an age in which anybody is really happy in themselves. And the reason for this (for us) is clear: we are not designed as a species to be in a borderless free fall, an area without contours, without traditions, without landmarks, without norms. We're designed to inhabit a world of boundaries, a world of right and wrong, a world of gender, a world of nobility. But nowadays in our free for all world we are told to celebrate a freedom which consists in not having boundaries, to exist in a kind of free fall, in a space that has no limitations, no rules, no categories and we are told that this will make us freer to be ourselves and therefore to be happy; but it's not working. This mental health pandemic is a tragic thing, so many people are hurting. It seems that that kind of freedom does not yield happiness, whatever its promise. The freedom that does yield happiness is the freedom from self (from 'nafs') in its egotistical dimensions."
  • @ayan0925j
    1st view, 1st comment and 1st like. MashaAllah, May Allah bless him.