50 Cal Explosive Bullets vs Torso

Published 2021-12-12

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50 Cal Explosive Bullets vs Torso. What would happen if we fired 50 Cal Explosive Bullets into a torso, or in this case a ballistic dummy labs expertly crafted torso? These are questions that have plagued us for a long time but Dr. Garand Thumb (Garand DUMB) is here to answer the questions you never asked. Utilizing ball, spotter-tracer and RAUFOSS we are here to increase you knowledge. Enjoy.

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  • SA12String
    Saw an interview with an Army sniper talking about his work in Iraq and specifically about the effectiveness of the M107. He said he and his spotter had set up on a rooftop covering a residential area known to be harboring insurgents. He told the story of a long night taking targets of opportunity until they started taking fire from another rooftop. The shooter was taking cover behind a block wall and popping out to harass the sniper team. The team was out of standard ball ammo for the .50 so he loaded up with the only ammo he had, the raufoss and they waited. Eventually the insurgent took a shot and ducked behind the block wall. The sniper aimed at where he guessed he would be crouching behind the wall and sent a raufoss round. He said the round made a nice clean hole in the front of the wall, but the other side of the patio 10 feet away was splashed with gore. When they eventually made their way over to confirm the kill, the body was gone, but the back of the block was just obliterated with a large area missing and blood spray everywhere. He figured the round had detonated inside the block and turned the brick and concrete into a huge shotgun shell and shredded the insurgent.
  • Eric Brumley
    I can attest that there is a large percentage of post PL 1LTs, pre career course and soon to ETS CPTs who are EXACTLY like Dr GarandThumb. This isnt a bad thing. They bring a element of reality and humor to the situation.
  • Louie Jackson
    just imagine being 360 noscoped by a unsc sniper. Can't even be mad, that's a sick way to go
  • MoparMan
    This actually makes me proud to be a Norwegian lol. Raufoss has been producing these rounds, or similar ones ever since I first entered service in the early 90s. Back then, they went under the designation "MP" for Multi Purpose". They were made as a "do all" round, having explosive, incendiary and armor piercing capacity. They were really fun to shoot through the standard 50 BMG on a softmount from the M109s we operated. Good vid!!
  • River Lemser
    “I failed out of med school so that technically makes me a doctor in New Jersey”. I cackled so hard. 😂😂
  • Vincent Cocchio
    When Garandthumb is wearing a lab coat, you know that he is definitely qualified to do these scientific tests
  • A Music Ian
    “He has a permanent curvature of the spine”

    Mate, he’s missing his shoulder blades and like 6 vertebrae 😂😂😂
  • michdo23
    This might be one of the better examples of what a Warhammer 40k Astartes Bolt-Round could do to a baseline human.
  • Stefan Lockton
    Cool video. Spotter Tracer M8C originally 12.7X77 is approximately 822-825grns and a tracer element, not explosive. They primed the nose to help give better spotting capability later on (but still not explosive). It was used as a spotter round for the recoilles rifle. You have to sub load it to fire it in .50 BMG or else it will burst in the barrel. It is a very fun round to shoot and presents a very real fire hazard so be careful when using it.
  • Grumpy Cat
    I'm still trying to wrap my head around the fact that you're friend said you could survive a 50 cal.
  • ДҜS74Џ
    Raufoss rounds use a RDX or PETN (Pentaerythritol tetranitrate) filling as the high explosive. Both have extremely high detonation velocity, therefore not a slow explosive. The incendiary tip acts as the detonator along with the impact force of the round hitting to set off the explosion. Aside from that, top notch content.
  • Neilas Astelan
    "This guy now has a curvature in his spine." And the VA will still be like, 'not service related.'
  • Brandon Garner
    I don't know why I was so shocked by an explosive .50 bmg doing so much damage. I don't think he is walking that one off.
  • CoJo JoJo
    This has def been my favorite GT video ever! I love how you guys just keep trying til we get the gold! 👍 That was entertainment!
  • Isaiah
    The way you film makes it incredibly hard to skip through your videos, so i have to watch them all the way through.
  • RyanREKZ
    Id love to see bofors 40mm vs Human torso, but getting your hands on one of those may be a bit more interesting. Thanks for the great videos as always Garand Thumb
  • Palanthis
    When speaking about .50 rounds, "didn't do anything" takes on a new meaning. It no longer means that the round was ineffective, it simply means that it killed the target, but not in a particularly cool or exciting way.
  • Jody Marston
    “Basically spicy candy corn” is the best way any man has ever been able to describe an explosive.50 cal round
  • Joshua Duff
    I’d love to see some kind of lead core expanding type bullet tested from the 50 BMG. I think the Amax is about the closest thing to that. Cutting the tip off the FMJ would probably cause expansion and dramatically change the amount of damage. There’s also a few frangible bullets but I don’t think they’re full power loads. That huge amount of energy would be brutal if it was able to transfer into the tissue. I’d bet some of my loads from a 270 would be as dramatic as some of those were except for the plates.