15 Interesting AVATAR 2 Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

Published 2022-09-23
With Avatar 2 being released this December, I thought it would be a good idea to put together the most interesting facts.

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  • @AVTR
    Did I miss a fun/interesting fact that you know? Let me know in the comments! If you liked the video please also subscribe! :_Love:
  • @rondeepbora3687
    Watched Avatar yesterday and can I tell you the movie doesn't feel like released 13 years ago. It is overwhelmingly relevant today. Superior than most recent sci-fi movies.
  • @samueleide7129
    Another fact about Avatar 2 is that I've literally waited half my life for this movie. I was 13 when the original premiered at the cinemas, I'm 26 now. I watched Avatar 2 last night and I can honestly say it was worth the wait. It's not a movie, it's a journey and an experience to watch. And to anyone who says they will watch it when it comes to streaming services: Don't. Watch it at the cinemas.
  • @CateSoho
    The fact that Cameron was the first to dive in the deepest part of the ocean while the sequels were "delayed". He is single-handedly the most dedicated to his craft and does the necessary research. Simply the most brilliant director of our time.
  • @amaljoby9404
    Great video brother! I saw Avatar today in the theatre and oh boy, I can't begin to describe how good it was. It's so refershing to see it on the big screen, even though most of us have watched it a million times, haha. I can't still wrap my head around the fact that this movie was released 13 years ago, especially because of how crappy CGI has gotten ever since. Also, to whoever is going to watch the re-release, do wait for the 5+ minute glimpse of Avatar 2 towards the end. It's SOOO GOOD with the higher frame rate and newer ways to capture motion.
  • @YuukiKuran8
    I saw the first part only in 2013 and regret so much not having seen it in 3D at the cinema in 2009. I've been waiting for a sequel ever since. Now, after about 11 years have passed, I already watched the second part of Avatar two times (soon going for the third) in the theatre and still can't get enough of this adventure. It's a masterpiece; 3 hours haven't been long enough honestly. It was a journey that makes you forget you're simply watching a movie. Both parts have a special place in my heart and I can't wait to see more.
  • Avatar has been my favorite movie ever since I was a kid, ever since the first movie came out. It built my childhood and I still love it. I’ve watched it probably fifty to sixty times now, and I’ve read the lore more times than I can count. Words cannot describe how excited I am for this movie. It genuinely brings tears to my eyes.
  • @T0MM1XD
    James Cameron never disappoints! Can't wait to finally watch Avatar 2 after 13 years of waiting! I already know I'm going to cry while immersed in the beautiful world of Pandora!
  • This was an absolutely phenomenal film the scenes were magnificent and the actors developed the characters very well…
  • @adamcowlam5527
    Awesome fact compilation! I'm hopeful Simon Franglen will do the soundtrack justice. I think he will as if he can't then Jim will just find someone else who can.
  • @ishfaq2634
    What I wish to see in sequels is more independent characters with the same relevance as Jake Sully. A plot like LOTR or the Avengers rather than just showing Jake & family or Jake &friends. They can still give a chance to Matt Damon and many more.
  • @moviesnips
    I'm really looking forward to seeing more sea creatures (Tulkun, Nalutsa, and Ilu) included as well as some of the unidentifiable sea creatures like the hammerhead looking fish in the trailer. I think it'll also be cool to see all of the new ships, submarines, and other tech that the RDA (Cet-Ops) will be using in this next film (and subsequent films).
  • @damoenright7979
    BROO nothing can truly describe how excited I am for this movie, I didn’t know there was such thing as a happy panic attack
  • @dimitru6024
    I wish there was a way to bring back Trudy but there does not seem to be one. But Quaritch is back. I liked him in the first one but I loved him in this one. And hearing things like "he's back for all the upcoming sequels" truly warms my heart.
  • LOVE your editing on this!! For example: When you said "Neytiri", she appeared from Jake's behind. Loved that 😅
  • @anonview
    Avatar: The movie franchise where world-building takes center stage, and I'm completely okay with it. 😁

    No, seriously, I normally gripe about character development and stuff, but I've made an exception here because I feel like they purposefully want the world-building, cinematography, and technological innovation aspects to shine more.
  • @vinciman5918
    Watching avatar feels like traveling to another world, so much indigenous creatures and the songs are just ❤️❤️❤️🔥
  • I just watched Avatar 2 yesterday in 4DX3D. SO GOOD. Oh my. I'm absolutely obsessed.
  • Cant wait to see Kate Winslet as Ronal, and genuinely excited to see the Metcayina Clan!