Two Oko? What A Joke, Oh! | Outlaws Of Thunder Junction Draft | MTG Arena

Published 2024-04-17
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All Comments (21)
  • @georginikolov41
    Imagine playing a game of limited where your opponent discards a planeswalker due to hand size 🤣
  • @IonFONE
    Man, that game where you still rebound after a Villainous for 6. Very nice.
  • @thenerdcatfish
    Great games! I also found this format to demonstrate great exchanges in sealed and draft, plus no reason to push any archetype atm. I've drafted outlaws (7-2), mounts (7-1) and a weird bant tempo plot thingy (7-1) that oddly works! Learned many draft principles (and errors) from Nummy here. 😊
  • @Adrian-og5bv
    Run away together was the bounce spell you were trying to think of
  • @RockThisCrib
    Crazy grindy games with excellent play and sharp decisions. Well done!
  • @benpaschke9193
    3 planeswalker draft in a set with only 2 planeswalkers😭
  • @burnanator2004
    No joke, first draft of this new set, first opponent dropped on t3 oko thief of crowns. Yes, the OG. Got dumpstered😭
  • @KK-pm7ud
    This set makes it harder for the good players to beat the bad ones.
  • @jnor
  • Nimot last game: "oh they gave up against Oko" Yeah I would conceed too if my opponent had Oko and Jace out 😅
  • @thelovebat
    Primal Might is the MVP of the green decks in this set so far. Even at Sorcery speed it's such a game winning card to finish off an opponent even when they're the one in a winning position and not you. If they overextend attacking with a lot of their creatures, Primal Might with a trampling creature or a creature the opponent can't block can ruin their day on the counterattack.
  • 7:08 is that how it works? I would think back for more's effects all resolve in order once but maybe I'm wrong
  • @cre8rzaw
    Tiny Bones is great for facilitating committing crimes, but it's better in constructed when you can have a consistent number of legendary creatures to trigger it.
  • Didn't watch so don't know if it can or does happen but can bandit copy oko creature and does it die to legend or does it make it to EOT and die as a planeswalker with no counters?