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Published 2022-06-04

Blue paper Coming at me High Speed
Supersonic Cop an ounce Different color Crystals on it
Blue the chronic Lost my lighter
Can you Sp'AraBic or is that Too Islamic?
Like an international hitman - Only Smoke Exotic

She Might-She Might Go Psychotic
When I fall asleep - Chop Chop Chop it like Lorrana Bobbitt
I go Astronomic - In Comparison You're Microscopic
I Jump out the Plane with no Parachute on me I'm already On it

This my hobby You're a hobbit - Must be habit
If I Ask "Can I Smash?" No Shock - She's EcSTATIC
Skyscraper - Make my money stack Cycle Automatic
Campaigning Dictatorship - Openly not Diplomatic

You Talk about me with Raw Hate? And I Promise to Appear like a Court Date
Say I deserve it? I got deserted Eat dessert And make more Cake
You get 8/ate - From and By - A Chopstick - Stay Lo-Mein
Not into her I get into her - Enter like Doorway

Wake up Already a Long Day - Give you a Fuck You without any Foreplay
Don't be Comparing my Flavor - You Store Bought Bitch! My Flow HomeMade

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