'He sentenced those kids to death': Defense closing argument in the Timothy Jones Jr. sentencing

Published 2019-06-13
Eleventh Circuit Solicitor Rick Hubbard gave the defense closing argument in the Timothy Jones Jr. trial. Jones murdered his five children in 2014. Hubbard told jurors that the 'punishment should fit the crime.'

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  • Mama-shell Smith
    My goodness this prosecutor is a Master at his craft...i seriously salute this man. It was totally riveting...im a court tv junkie and I have never seen a prosecutor or defense attorney ever perform a closing argument with such skill...emotion...and edge of the seat Power! Bravo!!!!
  • Miss Spell
    What makes me sad is that I think those babies saw it coming. Not just that day but for weeks. I’m so sorry for those kids, it breaks my heart
  • Kimmie 72
    This prosecutor is amazing - Someone give this man a huge raise. Precision, conviction confidence!
  • LG
    I can only imagine how scared those poor babies were watching their siblings die in front on them and knowing they were next 😢 and being strangled by the one you thought was your protector is just heart breaking 😔 💔 my heart breaks over and over again for those poor babies! I hope the mother finds peace in her heart 😢😢😢
  • void
    Rick Hubbard I salute you for being the unforgiving voice for these innocent children.
  • Bekah Sierra
    Had I seen this case 6 years ago, I would have pursued a law degree. This prosecutor is amazing. The defense attorney almost looks like he wants to nod in agreement.
  • Jennifer Brown
    These babies sound like amazing little humans that this world definitely needed more of..their kindness and compassion is truly heart warming
  • Wow. He’s one of the best attorneys I’ve seen. He really fought for those kids. How? By making his closing argument with passion and time. He took his time. ♥️
  • This is exactly what a lawyer should sound like!! 💯 He's amazing. I've never seen such a heartbreaking moment in court. He's like a storyteller.
  • Patrick Wallwork
    This prosecutor is simply astounding at his job! This might be the best closing statement I’ve ever heard and he so perfectly detailed what a monster that father really was! Thank you for posting this!
  • KitKat78
    This made me cry. Those poor, sweet souls. I'm just glad this trial is almost over, the teachers, police officers, lawyers , judge, and jury will all need extensive counsel after all of this.
  • Lola Letty
    This man’s words are SO SATISFYING.

    Fight for those innocent babies. Thank you lord for sending this man to speak for the ones that had their lives taken away too soon.

    I know that jury has the goosebumps I have listening to this.
  • Masha Spikego
    Near the end when the prosecutor was talking about the children’s hopes and dreams, their caring natures was simply devastating and tragic. Those poor kids had such a brutal life with this man but managed to retain their humanity. I wish ALL children had the love and warmth they deserve.
  • Alyssa Kaye
    I’m only 15 minutes in and this prosecutor is incredible! He explains everything so thoroughly and accurately that makes sense. This case is so so sad.

    ETA: I just got to a point where I just can not listen anymore. Especially when he said Natan(sp?) was crying out for his mom. That was it for me, being a mom myself of an 8 year old boy broke me. My son is so close to me because it’s just him and I and all I can picture is my son crying out for me and me not being able to help him or save him and I lose it. I can’t imagine being one of those jurors and having to see the photos of the children bruised up and just listening to what they went through. I’m glad he was sentenced to death. Those kids counted on their daddy to protect them and he became the biggest monster and murdered them. How can you murder your very own children? I will never understand this or anyone who is capable of doing this.
  • This guy is brilliant. He’s the best person for the job. What a powerful speech.
  • Kellyisacat89
    This is my second time watching, this lawyer was incredible and helped illustrate what we all have feeling and thinking. I pray for justice, dear G-d in this upside down world, let there be justice.
  • Love this prosecution team! The defense disgusts me. I haven’t had a peachy upbringing and had a lot of challenges in my life being a single parent but my kids were my priority not myself. I made sure they were fed, clothed, cared for by responsible caregivers, and safe regardless of what I was going through! I didn’t have a big support system either. I grew up with an alcoholic abusive father and a mother who turned blind eyes! My family was dysfunctional as hell. But I was determined to be the OPPOSITE of what my life was like. I got married, but divorced early on, however that fueled me to fight to keep my kids stable more than ever! I didn’t use drugs and kill my 2 kids. Fast forward 20 some years later and my kids are college graduates, stable, responsible and respectful! I broke the cycle and he could have too! What’s the sense of having the death penalty if someone can just sit for life on taxpayer money? Makes me sick. Please jury please vote for death. Even in death it’s still injustice but at least closure and healing can begin!
  • Stacy Henry
    A few words for any juror that may watch this video and read this comment. Thank you for standing for these children.. we must all stand for those who cannot stand for themselves.. During the sentencing phase I listened to these family members beg you to spare the life of this man.. at certain times I said out loud what about those children.. I was actually thinking you guys were going to go for life in prison... and I would never wish any pain on this family they have been through enough but Justice is justice and I hope each and everyone of you know that when I heard the verdict I actually recalled the picture of the man standing in Tiananmen Square surrounded by tanks and guns.... you guys are Troopers and you only put this man to death because he put himself in this situation to deserve death
  • Dee G
    I’ve seen a lot of trials in my lifetime, big ones and little, and this prosecutor is down-right phenomenal! Holy moly!!
  • A. P.
    This is what a well trained, educated and passionate prosecutor looks like.