Lewis Capaldi - Everytime (Britney Spears cover) in the Live Lounge

Published 2022-09-26
Lewis Capaldi performs a cover of 'Everytime' by Britney Spears at the Hammersmith Club for a BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge Special


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  • @Raisa_Frolova
    This song is probably Britney's most heartbreaking one, and I couldn't even think that someone could make it even more piercing and full of despair. Lewis did.
  • @dynntno
    Lewis Capaldi has the ability to turn a sad song into an even more sad version. Every time he sings, it gives me chills ♥
  • I love seeing Britney being appreciated by other artists, say what you will about her personality and personal life but she impacted an entire generation of young girls. She is the Queen of Pop!
  • We must all remember this was the first song Britney ever wrote on her own… and it’s still relevant and iconic
  • @aarko37
    This kind of songs are perfectly made for his voice. The rawness, the pain. It catapults you right into this somber feeling. Drowns you in a melancholy. But also cleans you from within. True greatness.
  • Why did it take me 10 months to find this masterpiece? This just added another layer of emotion I never knew could be possible for this song. The way he belts then goes quiet than slowly grows louder? and the strings with the piano, like feeling your heart being pulled and compressed and released cyclically in varying notes at the same time. perfection.
  • @mattmiahable
    And written by Britney herself. She’s such a talent.
  • @jenx89
    This is my favourite Britney song and this version is bloody spectacular 😍
  • @user-ss7pj3lu8h
    I lost my daughter in 2020 she was a massive Britney fan played this at her funeral , broke my heart all over again hearing lewis sing it , amazing ❤❤❤
  • @SEKnow_Luce
    This needs to be available on Spotify if it isn't already. Absolutely beautiful cover.
  • @TKN96
    Feel like Lewis should be one of the biggest artists in the world, no one has such a raw and genuine voice. He just doesn't miss.
  • This guy could literally just read the back of a shampoo bottle and I'd still get goosebumps.
  • Never thought of Lewis covering a Britney Spears song before… but this was undeniably beautiful ❤️
  • @kerrieleidig
    I'd love to hear Lewis & Britney do this as a duet with some harmonies sung in her natural voice
  • @ebug3470
    How refreshing to hear these lyrics sung by a male vocalist-- this song has always been one of Britney's jewels.
  • @tmarian8397
    I never thought this song could ever get more emotional. Lewis did it justice❤
  • @TheJungleHaven
    I can't believe it's taken me 11 months to find this, what a MASTERPIECE!! wowooooowwwwwwwww