Black Belt in 24 Hour Challenge! Surprise Ending! Daughters vs Dads

Published 2023-03-11

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  • The Ninja Fam!
    Like if you think Payton & Salish make a good team.
  • Jordan Matter
    Wow, I had no idea I could break a board WITH MY HEAD! Who wants me to get Shane back?
  • Lucinda
    Lets take a minute to thank the ninja fam for putting their effort into these awesome
  • Crystel Habash
    Wow, I do boxing and all, but it’s very impressive how the ninja dad and Payton taught Salish and Jordan how to kick and punch and break boards. Amazing work!
  • The Ninja Fam!
    This video is #3 on Trending! Thanks for being 😎!
  • The part when Shane just took the board and just slammed it on Jorden's head🤣🤣. And Ashton just standing there laughing his but off cracked me up🤣

    You guys are the best YouTubers😍

    Love you guys
  • Asad Miah
    It was so funny when Shane broke the board on Jordan’s head and then his face expression made me laugh 😂
  • Evie Grace
    As a martial artist this made me Crack up laughing 😂 and I know how hard it is and how long it takes
  • WMSabir
    Can we just appreciate how much effort they put in their videos and make us happy and by the way Jordan and Salish your really good ❤
  • Robyn Bosse
    Looks like you guys had a blast!! So much fun to watch!!
  • Josh Dollieger
    I can’t wait to see this premiere❤❤!!This is going to be so Epic!I am so excited!!You guys are so funny😂
  • Orchid Faisal
    The way a 55 year old person can do something like lie is awesome
  • Eat Me!!
    The squeaky noise when salish was punching had me rolling on the floor 😂😂😂😂😂
  • Tirzaatje
    1:36 i love the face of jordan here, like: "what is going on here?"😂😂
  • Jeon Aera
    The fact that it takes a lot of years to get black belt is so damn true cuz it took me like 9 yrs to get my black belt and 11 Yrs to get 1st degree. Well just loved how Jordan and Salish did the training ❤❤
  • Lance
    Jordan’s head smashed on the board actually made me laugh so hard.
  • Irly Irish
    Jordan's face on the cover is everything😅
  • I can’t wait!!! I just checked out the other premiere on Jordan’s channel so excited❤