snl moments that may cause side effects

Published 2021-07-03

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  • "If you're Irish... or just white and violent" one of the best Stefon lines of all time
  • ROBBY D Music
    “yeah you a little freak”
    gets me every time BAHAHAH
  • Kerry Egan
    “And he said no. You had a single lady” Love Maya Rudolph as Beyoncé so much 😂😂😂🥰🥰🥰
  • Jolie Cravy
    thank you, Eminem

    "No wrong answers here- just super wrong answers "

    "Where all the amnimals live-"

    "But they said 'no thanks' "
  • Kylie Magnus
    this is one of the first compilations I've seen include melissa mccarthy's guess that phrase and I love it! My family quotes that sketch all the time lmao
  • Maya can really sing, and it's so comforting, I love sopranos.
  • Ruby
    Kate McKinnons Bieber was TOO REAL
  • Marni Vee
    I love these compilations you make! They make my day! ☀
  • bschu472
    Ok pete Davidson just speaks to me lmao love that guy and SNL. Thanks Lorne cast and crew for such an amazing work of art 🎨
  • sarahbear
    these are clips of all the most shitpost ass sketches that they defo made up at 3 am the night before they were due and i LOVE IT
  • wangson
    Cecily Strong remains one of my favourite SNL members from the past 20 years! She's absolutely hilarious her impressions are amazing.
  • TeamSukiyo
    I need that skit with Taran Killam as Eminem please
  • K. Berry
    That last clip took. me. DOWN. 🤣
  • Yol2000
    Never had a sip of water.
  • Deb Henry
    ok now I have to look for all of these. goodbye sleep