'The West has the means to help Ukraine finish the war' | Lithuanian FM Landsbergis

Published 2022-08-15
Positioned on the Baltic Sea between Belarus, the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad and the EU, Lithuania has had security concerns ever since Russia invaded Ukraine. DW's Konstantin Eggert sat with Lithuanian Foreign Minister Gabrielus Landsbergis to talk about the war, sanctions against Russia and Lithuania's role as a NATO and EU member.

00:00 Should the EU ban visas for Russians?
05:52 Could Russia infiltrate Lithuania?
06:46 How strong is Lithuania's support for Ukraine?
08:47 Is Europe providing enough weapons to Ukraine?
12:53 How stable is NATO and transatlantic unity between the US and Europe?
15:45 Can Europe needs to do more to support Ukraine and block outside aggression?
18:13 Will Europe continue to support sanctions as winter sets in?
25:26 Might Putin have designs on Lithuania?
27:52 How long will the war last?

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All Comments (21)
  • Soulflower
    Great interview with an intelligent and humane member of government. The world needs more politicians like this.
  • Toni Kaihola
    From being the sheriff in Stranger Things, to Lithuanian FM.
    This guy is energetic 😅
  • I like how the interviewer actually asks for specifics on the interviewee's answers to his questions. Excellent discussion between the Lithuanian FM and the interviewer.
  • Lina St
    Extremely proud of our FM 🇱🇹 Sadly he receives so much hate here in Lithuania 😕
  • Jet V
    Thank you DW for this excellent interview .
    From 🇺🇸, of the older generation , almost Pootlers age , I am VERY VERY HAPPY to hear these views from this younger generation, which I have great faith in .
    I am impressed with them and think we need to see MORE of them . They have their fingers in the PULSE ,,,. It is very Clear that they appreciate our experience. I am beyond proud of General Miley and Sec Austin ; but these folks can better Translate that wisdom and experience to TODAYS problems .
    Slava Ukraine! 🇺🇦
    God Bless 🇺🇸
    Thank you 🇱🇹!
  • Katherine Ivy
    Great interview and superb response from Lithuanian Foreign Minister.
  • Jayjs20
    As a US Citizen, it's weird hearing this kind of discussion of policy. All we get are ramblings about how well our political party is doing and how badly the other party is doing for every question.
  • Sid J
    Superb Lithuanian Foreign Minister. Excellently informed, very articulated in his answers & analysis. Excellent anchor who carried this interview so well with an Intelligent Politician. Lithuania & Europe is in safe hands when you have people like these.
  • LA
    What an excellent interview and what a clear minded, intelligent foreign minister. Were there more like him amongst us. I found his analysis of all points to be correct.
  • Albert LeVert
    Great interview. Great leader. I wish we (in Switzerland) had ministers of that stature.
  • Teresa Gomes
    He is absolutely right. I would like to see this determination in all European liders!!!
  • T C
    DW News kicking it out the park again with this interview 👏👏👏
  • Lithuania is one of the Countries that I love the most. Their people, and their government. 🇺🇸💯❤️‍🔥
  • mikeypuss1967
    smart man. on point. so grateful to hear this viewpoint from a european as an american.
  • Captain Sage
    Thanks for the good and thought provoking interview.
  • EpenaJr.
    Great interview. Lithuania fm made some excellent points
  • qlnbd
    Its so weird to hear a govt minister talking like a human being and not in deceptive politcese. I'm British so I'm not used to that.
    Very impressive and articulate too.
    Thank you.
  • CautionCU
    Stand strong and don't be discouraged. I would be the first to tell you that the USA has made mistakes as we all have. That said one side in this conflict supports sovereignty and the other autocracy. The choice isn't difficult.
  • wendel6
    Bravo and thank you, Lithuania! And what an eloquent, well-spoken foreign minister!