City of Roses or City of Homeless? Portland's human tragedy

Published 2021-05-13
Portland has struggled and failed to solve its homeless problem.

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  • SimDoughnut
    I promise you, if these politicians had to take in a homeless person until they can resolve the issue, they would figure it out in a week.
  • Paul Jaeger
    Portland needs a completely new government and city council
  • Rick Shaw
    Every time I listen to Ted Wheeler talk I think to myself, "Portland is screwed."
  • Sara S.
    Failed to mention drug use is pretty much legal there now. And shelters dont tolerate drug use so alot of homeless in Portland would rather get their next fix then live by rules.
  • I tried defending my home city saying it was media hype. I can no longer do this. Portland was always right behind Seattle in policy and it shows. An embarrassment to those who knew the real and good Portland we were once proud of.
  • Mark Villano
    Wheeler talks about his tax increase, claiming that it will bring in an additional $100 million dollars to address the homeless crisis. What he fails to mention is that the vast majority of that will be eaten up by study groups, consultants, attorneys, and bureaucrats. The homeless will get the left-overs. What he also fails to address is how this money will be generated when businesses are leaving the city by the droves.
  • Calamity Jenn
    Our once beautiful city has politicians who are as weak as water and as corrupt as they come. How they can manage to sleep at night is well beyond me.
  • Steve Pitzing
    Thank you New 6 for being an actual news channel, reporting the truth and presenting it with no bias. Like the good old days.
  • The high class people who make up our state and city councils are so far removed from the issue that i do not see it getting solved until they are out. And politics being the dirty game it is leads me to believe that even if we got some new faces by the time they have the ability to enact change their integrity will be compromised.
  • Government Solution: Increase state income tax to 10.3% and become the 3rd highest tax state to give the government more funds to make bad decisions.
  • Robin Wright
    What the 'activists' have been allowed to do in downtown, all the damage to the businesses and the courthouse is just insane.
  • A B
    When compassion manifest itself into enabling.
  • PSU published a study with data from 2017 that showed 39k people were experiencing homeless. 4K is a huge understatement
  • Bootie Shaker
    As a native Oregonian who spent the last 20 years in the burbs of Portland, it is very sad to see what is going on there. I like many left 3 years ago because of all the issues going on. Portland nationwide now has such a bad reputation. I hope someone can turn its ills around. It was once a beautiful city and can be again one day. Hopefully that starts soon.
  • Dennis Tipton
    I work with the homeless in another city, and seeing Portland recently, even I was shocked. This isn't the Portland I remember growing up.
  • Old Pro Racing
    You can’t solve homelessness by treating the symptoms. You have to treat to root cause. Drug use, illiteracy and mental health problems. Until then, there will never be change.
  • Makes me sad. I used to live in Portland and it was bad back in the early 2000s but now, it hurts my heart how bad it's gotten. They can't all live on the Burnside Bridge.
  • Dave Tindall
    Portland skipped going to third world conditions and went to 4th
  • blmrocks b
    Put all the homeless people next to Wheeler's house, Portland City Councils homes, Brown's homes.
  • Lena Tran
    Keep up the good reporting. Hold the government accountable for their ineptitude.