What is the Best Fire Type Pokemon?

Published 2023-11-18

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  • @wertylegends4314
    A full series for every type in a video like this would be nice
  • @theedwardian
    Parting Shot is such a funny idea. Incineroar basically just calls you a bitch as he leaves. 😂
  • The funny thing about a world champ discussing competitive pokemon history is that sometimes it sounds like "And then the trojan horse was accepted as a gift and wheeled into the village. I was one of the guys in there it was crazy"
  • @lukasfogel7892
    Not to mention, theres no gimmicks behind incinaroars power. As long as he is legal and his moveset doesn't change, he's generation proof.
  • @paradoxtm8911
    All these fire types and the hottest thing in the video is still Wolfey
  • Actually think its Rillaboom, he seems to be always a Fire-type in my games...and also a world champion already
  • My favorite thing about Primal Groudon was that it actually hard countered Primal Kyogre on the lead. If your opponent had a Primal Groudon, you could never lead your Primal Kyogre, because their Groudon was probably slower than your Kyogre. In that case, your Kyogre would revert first, and then their Groudon would overwrite your Primordial Sea and your Kyogre no longer threatens it.
  • @qwertyrhoads9295
    To think that Typhlosion and Charizard were shown for defense and offense respectively is remarkable, considering they have the same stats. Fire is truly a remarkable type.
  • @cj8494
    I agree with the incineroar take because of how insanely flexible he is and how he could buff any team he’s added to
  • @lxxdccvii4805
    Incineroar is simply that guy, he is literally constructed out of a different material just built completely different.
  • @Undeadnightmar3
    I dont play Pokemon competitively, but I think it has to be Incineroar. It doesn't need a Generation Gimmick, and as long as it has Intimidate and access to pivot moves, it'll always be good.
  • @Julius72958
    And to think that both groudon and zard need to use a gimmick , while incineroar is straight up busted without using anything really shows something
  • @DrGamer365
    Can I just say how insane the sound design is on this video? None of the sound effects overpower Wolfe’s voice, and they’re all equally entertaining without stealing the show. Big props to the editor.
  • In singles its absolutely pdon, it warps every metagame around it so significantly its absolutely insane. It's power, bulk and utility with stealth rock (and now spikes in natdex), as well as primal Kyogre not faring as well in singles makes it very hard to deal with both defensively and offensively
  • @randomdudd2611
    21:19 I understand what you're saying, but this is so funny to see. "Perfect Well Balanced Fire Type" and Primal Groudon in the same sentence is hilarious
  • @SneggeS
    The moment I clicked onto this video, I just knew it was gonna be Incineroar. I will never forget Wolfey's rants about Xerneas and Incineroar lmfao
  • @Feliciano151
    Another crazy thing about Incineroar is that it didn't require a regional gimmick to reach its heights - G-Max Charizard and Primal Groudon are limited to their respective games in which those mechanics can be used, but all Incineroar needs is an Ability Patch to give it its hidden ability and its ready to wreck shop. Great video! I'd love to see a series for every type expand out of this!