8 Times Sheldon Was WRONG - The Big Bang Theory

Published 2022-09-08
It doesn't happen often, but there are times when the one and only Sheldon Cooper (with an IQ of 187) makes mistakes at work, with his friends, and in his relationship. Sometimes he apologizes for his blunders and other times he's too embarrassed.

S01E12 - The Jerusalem Duality
Dennis Kim, a child prodigy seems to have outstripped Sheldon's achievements in every way. Sheldon decides to give up his own work and focus on other tasks.

S01E05 - The Hamburger Postulate
Sheldon wakes up to a terrible surprise; the equations on his whiteboard had been tampered with. Although it solved the problem he had, he was still infuriated. Shortly after that, Leslie admits that she had corrected his equations.

S01E13 - The Bat Jar Conjecture
The gang competes Caltech's Physics Bowl. Leonard made the decision to drop Sheldon from the team and add Leslie Winkle to take his place.

S04E21 - The Agreement Dissection
Sheldon is frustrated at Priya's nullification of the Roommate Agreement using her knowledge of the law and contracts.

S04E18 - The Prestidigitation Approximation
Priya feels threatened by Leonard hanging out with his ex-girlfriend Penny all the time. Meanwhile, Sheldon attempts to figure out Howard's magic trick.

S03E02 - The Jiminy Conjecture
Guys find a cricket in their apartment and each claims it to be a different species. They decide to make a bet before catching it and bringing it to an entomologist at Caltech.

S05E21 - The Hawking Excitation
Sheldon finally gets to meet Hawking in person. When they meet, Hawking points out an arithmetic error in Sheldon's paper that makes the whole paper incorrect, causing Sheldon to faint.

S06E04 - The Re-Entry Minimization
Amy and Penny are playing Pictionary against Leonard and Sheldon. Sheldon's drawing concepts and guesses are too complicated and confusing for Leonard and the girls win.

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All Comments (21)
  • Key_Of_Destiny47
    I love that Stephen Hawking not only agreed to be on the show, but has a great sense of humor!
  • Ameha K
    "There are no incorrect equations on my board."

    Love that line.
  • Aatish
    The Janitor just took a glance and solved it, what a genius
  • Flea Tactical
    That Russian janitor on AA always slays me. He needed to be on this show way more.
  • Henry Saro
    3:46 that burn almost made Leonard burst laughing but he immediately remembered he is Sheldon's friend.
  • AVS Parihar
    That proud face of Penny when Howard says "We like Leonard" sums up everything what's between them! ❤️😇
  • Virtual Dark
    Omg the one where Leslie Winkle wrote on Sheldon’s board is still one of my favorite moments of this show.
    Sheldon: I don’t come to your house and touch your board.
    Leslie: There are no incorrect equations on my board.
  • Richard James
    Sheldon ignored his own advice to Penny and slept on the couch with his head towards the door.
  • Jeff Daigle
    " believe in magic you muggle" still one of my favorite lines in the show
  • deborah nesbit
    I know Leonard didn't have an answer but, to me, it was a measure of his brilliance that even his wildest guess contained part of the correct answer.
  • Shikha Sharma
    I love Leslie on the show. Her attitude, wit everything.. would have loved to see more of her or a spinoff??
  • Dewald Schuler
    "Oh sweetie you are so damaged." Raj and Penny's relationship at this stage was so funny and wholesome.
  • Tristan Dunn
    Love that scene where Priya rips the roommate agreement to pieces
  • John Chessant
    2:08 Sheldon is already wrong here (according to himself). It is culturally universal that a bed, even a temporary bed, is always oriented with the headboard away from the door. It serves the ancient imperative of protecting oneself against marauders.
  • stolen cactus
    Can we take a second to appreciate that after 12 years this channel is still uploading? That’s DEVOTION🧡👏🏻
  • " How did he get any friends in the first place?"
  • Iris Waldenburger
    I love the part about the card trick, where Sheldon doesn’t even consider that they are cheating … he does it briefly and they get a lucky break with the 2 of hearts but then reassumes there is something else but cheating involved
  • Juhi Shrivastav
    We needed more on the Janitor from Russia. He was smarter than all of them.