Tori Kelly - missin u (Official Music Video)

Published 2023-03-17

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  • YouTube
    so worth the wait, giving all the y2k vibes ❤‍🔥
  • Golden Kaleo
    Tori’s entire production team fr had divine inspiration for this new look and sound for her. Matches her vibe so well.
  • teejay cole
    This is absolutely amazing for her die hard stans. She is re-inventing her entire career. Like all the greats ever did. You guys better start watching because Tori Kelly is the realest deal.💯
  • Elena Reyes
    Let's make this hit 1 million. Tori really put her heart into this song.
  • Str8 Factz
    As a 90s baby… The nostalgia is everything!!! Tori is a true vocalist, a true artist, a true gift to the world.
  • BrooklynMayhem
    Best vocalist of our generation. Seems like she is doing a re-branding…coming out with guns ablazin’. She deserves to be at the top of the charts.
  • I’m a bit confused by her new era, but I respect her from the path to make people be motivated to make music the real way and she’s a big inspiration since the start🎉
  • Sadie Olivia
    QUE TEMAZOOOOOO! Dios, Tori Kelly debería tener más reconocimiento, tremenda voz la que se carga
  • Jessica McKinney
    So fun to see a new side of her. Love her voice, class, and style. 90s vibes for sure!
  • Amanda
    Y'all already know the live version of this song is going to POP OFF. Always in awe of Tori. So
    Proud of this woman 🤍
  • MCDK
    Yes yes yes. The dark hair, the nostalgic aesthetics, the dance beat, the VOCALSSSSS Tori are you kidding me?!
  • Lily Grey
    So hype for a new pop album! Tori is so incredibly talented. I hope others can finally hear her. 🎉
  • Tori!! You did it again!! Roses, roses, roses!!! Everything is on point, from the new hair to the sound to the lyrics to the 90s aesthetic! Wow!
  • Chals S.
    One of the best vocalist of all time, reinventing herself with 90s vibes, other look, great dancing movements.... Tori, you are a shining star! <3
  • Lty
    Only problem with this is that the song isn’t long enough. I WANT MORE AND MORE!! ❤ Tori Kelly
  • Siwo Hniae
    We love this hyper pop era. These vocals were angelic!
  • This song sounds like something Tori would have released back in the early 2000s, like what JoJo put out, if the record labels had given her a chance. It's almost like she is getting to live out what would have been- and I am here for it.
  • Tori Kelly is reinventing herself!! Slay Queen!! Your vocals are just over-the-top!! Such an underrated artist!! You and Ariana Grande are THE MOST AMAZING POP QUEENS IN THIS NEW GENERATION!! Continue to produce this kind of music!! Keep 'em coming Tori!! 🔥🔥❤