Joe Burrow Top Plays of the 2022 Season

Published 2023-01-29

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  • D N
    Joe Burrow is already a great QB and he's only been in the league for like 2 years!!! I'm so proud of this young man!
  • Chris
    Bengals had another incredible season 👏 now get Joe a real o-line already he don't deserve that
  • AndroidMessi10
    I'm not worried. He's gonna have a hell of a career and this team will get better and better
  • GeddyBre
    That flea flicker to Irwin against the clowns was one of his prettiest balls yet. Absolute perfect placement and spiral.
  • Michael Godwin
    Joe burrow has played about 5 games of his entire nfl career with a good oline and hes already an absolute phenom. Cant imagine what he'll do to the AFC if they can ever actually protect him the way the chiefs have done for Mahomes since superbowl 55.
  • Kenebro Worlu
    Thorough Burrow. Much success to Cincinnati and The Bengals, we have grown light-years compared to back in the day and are now true SUPERBOWL contenders, kick they ass next year.
  • K SW
    He IS the best quarterback in the league. Cincinnati deserved to get to the SB, no question. Excited to see what they do next year.
  • Dianah D
    He played great this year. I love you Joe
  • Sad49erFan69
    Love watching Burrow play. He is such a smart player.
  • BengalsHead
    If our o line didn’t get hurt the last 3 weeks of the season we could’ve won it all
  • virgil morgan
    We're goin to see this man make history. Many more seasons come joe brrrrr
  • Frankystrings
    Burrow has elite pass catchers, but boy does he throw a helluva spiral under any pressure.
  • Mike Oxsmall
    As a Steelers fan I got a lot of respect for burrow, good dude and a hell of a QB.
  • Justin Stein
    Joe Burrow is the quarterback that will win the Bengals their first super bowl
  • Young Low
    As a bengal lifer I just wanna say I LOVE U JOE BRRR...So glad u an Zac came to our franchise🙌🏾🙌🏾...we'll be back next year...THEY GOTTA PLAY US
  • A
    Joe Burrow
    My favorite QB❤❤
  • tdbl2079
    13:10 that is one of the most perfect throws I’ve ever seen.
  • Preethi Sridhar
    Joe shiesty's unstoppable cw to see what he does next season