I bought the BIGGEST Tech in the world.

Published 2021-12-04
Buying the BIGGEST smartphones, gadgets, iPhones, and tech in 2021 from Wish / eBay / Aliexpress! Become smarter in 5 minutes by signing up for free today: cen.yt/mbmrwhosetheboss4 - Thanks to Morning Brew for sponsoring today’s video.

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All Comments (21)
  • Arun: ok now it’s time for the mouse pad!
    Also Arun: pulls out a yoga mat
  • @revjear6438
    Respect to the fact that he donated the PC cake to the homeless in his city. A very wholesome act.
  • @Triv27
    Yes, you definitely need to fill the lighter with fluid. They are shipped empty for safety reasons. The smoke you were getting was because you were burning up the dry wick.
  • @itarry4
    Stack 2 of those monitors one on top of the other and in my eyes you'd have the perfect set up. I believe it's actually what Linus is using if I remember rightly but the room you'd have to split your work and playing games would be stunning as obviously you've got 2 of those you've also got the best PC money can buy and I mean the best +++.
  • @deeterdeet6719
    This man literally makes a living off of us watching him make impulse buys.
  • @Ishowbeanie1
    lets just appreciate the effort he did just for us
  • @Veralos
    Out of all these the giant Switch is my favourite. I love the idea of turning the Joycons into cabinets to give it some use beyond just novelty.
  • @moemotors2570
    I've genuinely never smiled watching a YouTube video as I have with this one. Thank you Aaron for this video! <3
  • @Fantasy225
    I like how he lists out the specs in the cake and eats it
  • @yusufbanna
    I really appreciate this Shaq episode and the effort that went into making it. normal looking things scaled up seems much like mr.beast kinda thing. think u got inspired by him.
    i have seen the giant toblerone before in 'Sorted'. the incredible cooking channel has shown the chocolate bar in their occasion based pretentious product series. it cost may be 70 pounds.but what u showed is probably bigger than sorted one.it's actually cool.
    and it is my favourite chocolate bar too.
  • @Yao686
    6:21 to be fair that shouldn’t been counted as "BIG TECH", that is a standard pad and it’s sole purpose is to cover the entire platform for you to place your mouse, keyboard and monitor. Almost every professional gamer owns one as the keyboard might move here and there when you play an intense game! More or less like a protective layer for your electronics.
  • @naveenc151
    Quick fact: He's gonna sell them all to Shaq later cause all the things are standard size to Shaq.
  • @Spectromox86
    How the hell did they do the Switch cabinets? Who did you contact? Are they attached to the TV or standing behind the TV or stuck to the wall? That was super smart and looked really cool! I’m not a Nintendo fan but I really love everything “tech”. Liked the clip a lot :)
  • Those earbuds are actually pretty cool. Decorate it somewhere good and it’d act like good speakers
  • @glenjennett
    I've seen a few of these videos you've made and I'm curious what happens with the devices. Do you continue to use them or do they get put into storage never to be used again? I'm mostly thinking about all the gaming consoles you've gotten, but not just those. I know you have a wall for all the phones you've gotten organized very well, but how do you really use any of them again? It makes me think of people I know who have shelves full of movies that they have to just say they have them but never really watch them. What is the point in having them if they don't watch them? Or people that keep items in storage. Why have something if it's just going to be stored away never to be seen or used by anyone? You must have a pretty decent sized house to keep adding more stuff to it, especially when you get bigger items.
  • @rootbrian4815
    That toothbrush (or actually a washing brush) could be used to clean everything.
    Not to mention, double as a wicked strange back scratcher!
  • @eboobae5947
    That light bulb is low-key the most senseless item on that list 😂
  • @uncleI3
    Spent the entire video smiling like a little boy!! THIS WAS GENUINELY FUN TO WATCH!! Most fun I've had in a while watching a video...