I bought the BIGGEST Tech in the world.

Published 2021-12-04
Buying the BIGGEST smartphones, gadgets, iPhones, and tech in 2021 from Wish / eBay / Aliexpress! Become smarter in 5 minutes by signing up for free today: cen.yt/mbmrwhosetheboss4 - Thanks to Morning Brew for sponsoring today’s video.

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All Comments (21)
  • naveen c
    Quick fact: He's gonna sell them all to Shaq later cause all the things are standard size to Shaq.
  • Kristopher Tope
    The giant zippo lighter is a hand warmer. They come even larger than that!
  • Kinda sad that Panasonic didn't appear with their giant tablet from around 2014, it was 30", it was basically like having a Smart TV but wireless
  • Tony
    Your vids genuinely make me smile
  • Rev Jear
    Respect to the fact that he donated the PC cake to the homeless in his city. A very wholesome act.
  • °Alixxii-!
    Arun: unboxing gaint techs
    Me: staring at the cake at the back
  • Domehammer
    Giant mouse pad are where its at. I use one cause I don't have to worry about messing edges of a normal mousepad. Plus something to put my keyboard on and drinks since it basically can be a coaster too.
  • Comincep
    Mom: Money can't buy anything
    Mrwhosetheboss: You sure about that?
  • Triv27
    Yes, you definitely need to fill the lighter with fluid. They are shipped empty for safety reasons. The smoke you were getting was because you were burning up the dry wick.
  • Itzy Sanchez
    You should have bought a big pencil sharpener and eraser to go with the big pencil.
  • SavvyNotFound
    Arun: ok now it’s time for the mouse pad!
    Also Arun: pulls out a yoga mat
  • Deeter Deet
    This man literally makes a living off of us watching him make impulse buys.
  • Experiment IV
    my dad has a light bulb that size that’s actually an incandescent light bulb, all in one piece. he used to work at an incandescent light bulb manufacturing plant, so he didn’t even have to pay too much. he made it into a desk lamp. i think he’s plugged it in once, but it doesn’t matter. the filament is ENORMOUS and it’s beautiful
  • Ian Vr
    A gaming chair wouldve been cool for the setup
  • Yama Chiodi
    This video is so stupid and so fun. I love every bit of it hahaha the toothbrush was t0o much. Car wash vibes
  • rojas
    its so strange to me that you didnt play rick astley through the earphones
  • Allesandro B
    Spent the entire video smiling like a little boy!! THIS WAS GENUINELY FUN TO WATCH!! Most fun I've had in a while watching a video...