Common Side Imaging Confusions Explained! | Bass Fishing Fish Finder Basics

Published 2019-11-01
Side imaging is one of these most misunderstood aspects of fish finders among new bass fisherman. In this video, I break down exactly how to interpret the side imaging view on your graph. I also explain how to know where objects that appear on your screen are in relation to your boat. Hope you enjoy!


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All Comments (21)
  • DaveD
    Good video but a couple points to clarify. The center dark part is actually not just straight down, but a narrow cone (same as down imaging) which is why sometimes you will see items in the right dark area that aren't in the left part or at least not as bright in the left part. Second point is the side imaging doesn't ping straight to bottom and then shoot the right and left. It just aims the sensor at an angle, so it shoots from the transducer beam at a wide angle that ends up touching the entire bottom from below your boat to whatever range is specified. There is no technology that allows you to change the direction of sound waves once they leave the transducer. Also, even if they could shoot down and then to right, you wouldn't want that because you'd miss everything above the bottom to the left and right of the boat.
  • R H
    This is a fantastic explanation and illustration, exactly what I needed! This explains why my side imagining wasn't picking up known structure very well to the side while salmon fishing in 120 feet of water when my SI setting was at 100' left and right. I never knew that. Glad I watched this.
  • Steven Arden
    Thank you, young man, for helping an old guy understand this side imaging. These electronics are not as natural and easy for us to understand. You are a gifted fisherman and teacher.
  • Jinx the Cat
    You have cut my learning curve down so much. Always been a shore-beater. But with these videos I'll be setting up offshore and gaining confidence in my overall ability. Other youtubers give info but don't teach. You understand that info is nothing without practical application. Your approach is by FAR the best I've seen. Thanks!
  • 0017Bulldog
    Once again...there is no one else out there producing this kind of content. Thank you Professor.
  • Very well done. Teaching isn’t easy but you’ve done a great job with this real life example. Thanks 🙏🏼. Subscribed to your site. Always informative even for a new angler.
  • Blake G
    You definitely have been the most helpful person on youtube at explaining this stuff man. Appreciate all the work youve put in. WPS
  • BenNetadf
    FINALLY! A video that concisely and in non-technical language, explains the side-scan sonar! I’d love to see one of actual fish... Seriously, the more of your videos I watch, the more I learn. Great job- you’ve got a natural talent for teaching and relating this information! This new subscriber is “hooked”!!!
  • Sirron Bailey
    Want to say that is absolutely great. I am so excited every time you have a new video comes out because I learn something every single time. Please keep doing what you’re doing and if anybody is reading this that has not been part of his patron page. Please donate whatever you can to his page so we can continue getting this great content. God bless!!
  • Trayman26
    Awesome video Johnny. Definitely helped me. I’ve always had trouble understanding side imagining. Looking forward to seeing what fish look like on side imagining. Keep those electronic videos coming.
  • Greg Snider
    By far the best fishing tutorials on the Internet. Easy to understand, concise, detailed. Thank you for sharing your knowledge...
  • VC Sport Fishing
    Johnny, thanks a lot for all the hard work you put in to helping new fisherman, or even fisherman new to boats/ technology! Your videos are informative and it’s guys like you who help this wonderful sport grow and build through the years. The influx of new bass anglers, and the popularity of this sport with the youth these past few years is incredible. The sport of bass fishing is once again “cool” for kids to do. More schools are making school teams. It’s just awesome to see. I would love to see you come up to NY. Film a video in upstate NY or on one of the Great Lakes catching smallmouth. Your information does of course help up here, but I’d love to see you do a video on using goby like lures, bluegill patterns, and the different types of baits we use up this way! Would be cool to see you a little more out of your element and adapt too! Haha. 60ft of water gets challenging to fish at times, and man do these smallies pull up here. Feel free to contact me anytime if you want to come up! This is more of my personal YouTube to watch you and guys like you!
  • Dave S.
    Well done. Some things seem obvious yet so easily forgotten. You programmed this in my brian as something so simple and that is awesome. As always thanks for your detailed explaination and the time it takes. You have me deep cranking ledges like a pro!
  • TheTomahawkTech
    Nice explanation. I just wanted to point out that the beam doesn't go to the bottom, and then kick out to the side. Sound waves don't move that way. It's actually using more than one beam, and combining the results.
  • John Antaya
    I found this to be a great lesson on side-scan distances. This was really a help in learning how to conduct and interpret what you see.
  • Scott Pohlenz
    Just got my first boat and learning to understand what the Garmin Striker 7 is showing is by far the hardest part but you just made it a whole lot easier! Thank you!
  • Mark Melrose
    Searched for exactly this type of content when I bought my side imaging a few months ago and there was nothing out there. Thanks for your passion and clarity. Keep it up!
  • Steve Fox
    Very eloquent example of of explaining side angle sonar imaging. Appreciate that you realized that a single long video on this subject, albeit very informative, would have been too much overload. Nice job of editing your video to match your tutorial. You show some professional promise. I'll be keeping my eye on you and your upcoming topics. 😃
  • Steve D
    Thank you, Jonny. Your videos are extremely helpful. I have learned a ton but my issue is relatability. I primarily fish Lake Okeechobee which at this time of year has an average depth of 3-4 feet. I guess my question is which options would be the most useful in this type of fishery? Sonar? Side scan? All my buddies usually write it all off any only use their GPS! Thanks again.
  • GoSpideyGo
    Another golden nugget video, thank you! Also, your recent video on which fish will most likely be in a feeding mode really helped along with all your other fish finding videos. I have used them to improve my fishing. I just need to improve my patience level when hunting for fish. 😉 BTW, I asked for some of your OG gear for Christmas to support your excellent work. 🤘🏼