ASMR 360° Virtual Reality Cosmic Sound Bath RP👂 Deep Healing & Sleep🌙Singing Bowls💫Tuning Forks🌟

Published 2023-03-16
Welcome to my Sound Bath Sanctuary! Enjoy a virtual reality simulation of a Sound Healing Session with one girl giving you a tuning fork biofield attunement along side another girl playing a slow and hypnotic singing bowl song as we travel outside of space and time.

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thank you to ASMR Ascension for his help with this project.

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  • Hiiii! This video has been a vision of mine for a long time and it is so surreal to finally see it completed and shared with you all! There were a lot of new technical elements in it that took a while to come together but I feel it was worth the effort! The ending is very special 🌟🌟✨✨ I'm still relearning a lot of things about creating and also about myself so I'm still getting my sea legs back hehe more to come! My helper in this video is Lee @
  • Madison Lane
    Amazing!! I was a little surprised to see an actual person laying on the floor 🤣 this is so great!
  • Ansley Gilde
    Kayla, you’ve been my all-time favorite asmr creator since I was in middle school years ago. I can’t begin to thank you for how much your vids have helped me cope with my anxiety. When it’s at it’s heaviest, your soothing voice and calming demeanor never fails to make me feel as though i’m in a warm blanket. Thank you, speaking for many other fans, we’re so glad you’re back ❤️
  • Aleksandar
    Just realized you're back to making videos. I'm so happy to experience more of your ASMR. While I am a fan of many channels, your videos are like the OG trippy ASMR <3
  • anthrofighter
    What's better than one cosmic tingle? TWO COSMIC TINGLES
  • eka317
    I've never watched a 360 video and saw the controller in the corner, was not expecting someone to be on the floor and it scared me so bad haha.
  • Tim B
    OMG! You are back!!!! The reason I started listening to ASMR is because of you! You are an absolutely a ledged and pioneer for all that have crafted your art since your break. Hope you are well. Love your channel.
  • cybercdh
    This is amazing. Really well put together and a first in VR ASMR for me - awesome.
  • Baby Chicks
    This is beyond asmr. Perfection. Love everything especially the singing bowls and tuning forks 360 and long run time. ❤❤❤❤
  • Cepeleon
    Loved this, not seen a 360 video in ages! well done x ❤
  • Megan Kurkowski
    Loved it! 🤍🤍🤍🤍 your positive energy always comes through in your videos.
  • Marissa K
    I loved everything about this! I'm so happy you're back :)
  • Rex Racer
    Cool! Reminds me of the 360-degree hair video that you did years ago. So immersive!!
  • doyle robertston
    You are the very first asmrtist I started watching. I dropped out of the asmr world for the last few years but am so glad to see you’re back posting!
  • ThreeToesofFury
    woot! singing bowls are some of my fav ASMR. Thanks C.T.! Sooooo thankful to have you back!!
  • Nate Chatterton
    This video is so cool, it's going in my favorites. The cosmic effect at the end is awesome. I am wondering how you guys got into this room. I don't see a door, I thought well this might be an attic and the way in might be under a rug or something. Or that painting is the way in and that painting is on a green screen. It doesn't matter this video is a masterpiece.
  • GEN_Lee_Accepted
    What a THROWBACK! Singing Bowls, Tuning Forks, and 360. Who could ask for anything more!
  • Darren Gray
    There is two of you, and I am both relaxed and stoked
  • JSBX34
    that was incredible-thanks for all you put into this