Cincinatti Bengals vs. Kansas City Chiefs | 2023 AFC Championship Game Highlights

Published 2023-01-29

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  • Kagame L.
    I feel for Ossai - he’s never gonna forget that play. Sure, there were other factors that led to the chiefs winning, but that last penalty is just 😳
  • mvs stepped huge in this game. his team was hurt all the other wrs so he stepped up for an 100 yrd game. He looked like a true #1 receiver in this game.
  • LT Food
    I rooted for the Chiefs, but I can't explain the immense sadness I felt for Ossai when he realized he screwed up.
  • As a Chiefs fan, I must say it is amazing how Burrow can use his receiver's height to their advantage. Almost every big throw was thrown over the CBs heads but still in reach of his receiver.
  • YungGunz
    I like the play at 1:52 where he didn't intentionally level the guy causing an Unnecessary Injury; Good Sportsmanship
    The fact that we won by 3 with 3 sec left after being beat By 3, 3 different times is insane lol
  • Harshest Truth
    3 points again, this is insane how close these 2 teams are to each other.
  • AdamFerrari
    The rookies on KC’s defensive line did a hell of a job😮
  • 189KansasCity
    0:33 - Pacheco has a shot at being special. The instincts in this play to rub the defender like he’s a blocker, then the speed and burst to turn what looks like a minimal play into a nice run.
  • Brandon
    A 7th round rookie RB was absolutely critical to this win. So were multiple other rookies on D and ST. Unreal job by the whole scouting department in the ‘22 draft.
  • Patrick Cochrun
    Lifelong Chiefs fan here... Bengals are a great team and they will be back. Feel Horrible for Ossai, keep your head up man.
  • Frank Lidgad
    Games like this are very entertaining and exciting to watch. Either team could have won this. I just wish it would have gone into overtime as I didn't want it to end. Let's hope the Super Bowl will be just as good as this.
  • Last year the Bengals beat the chiefs on a game-winning field goal, this year the Chiefs beat the Bengals on a game-winning field goal. Crazy.
  • Auto Minute
    Amazing game! Mahomes did an amazing job of keeping himself protected and active within the pocket. Calling his own number on a run-play at the end of the game was a twist nobody was expecting and what a time to do it. The Bengals were starting to roll in the 2nd half and I really thought this was going to OT. Hate to see a game changing FOUL seal the deal in this game....I was just glad that Ossai didn't severely injure his ankle/knee on that last play as well. That would have really been an "insult to injury" moment.
  • Javian Johnson
    Bengals played a helluva game and had a great postseason. They'll be back (hopefully)
  • Anderson Kylie
    Holding the Bengals to a FG at the end of the first half was huge.
  • SteveGamesFTW
    What a great rivalry between these two teams. They’re so evenly matched, both of their AFC Championship battles had to be decided by a field goal.
  • Nklassen08
    This was probably the greatest football game I’ve ever watched, holy moly.
  • Much respect for Pat. Man. Man out there hopping on one foot throwing that ball. That's dedication I'm not a Kansas City fan but that dude is definitely one of the greatest to do it
  • Odins dad
    Amazing game! Such a fun rivalry to watch damn I love Joey B he almost did it again! Even injured Mahomes is the best Qb in the league