Pokémon, but with 200,000+ NEW Fusions

Published 2024-02-10

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  • I'm amazed at the sheer number of Pokemon they included. There had to be a point where they were like, "If we add another Pokemon, that will mean we need another 326 sprites!" And the reply was, apparently, "No worries! Let's add another 58!" My hat is off to the artists, you're the ones who made this game so awesome,
  • @callmeshaggy5768
    That twist at the top of Mt Silver was legit the coolest shit ever
  • @TheWanderingLPer
    Oh they did something really cool with Gold's team in this, it actually mirrors how Red's team was put together in GSC. All of the Pokemon Gold uses are static encounters you'll get when playing through GSC. The Sudowoodo outside Goldenrod + the gift Shuckle in Cianwood. The Togepi you get from the mystery egg + the Eevee you get from Bill in Goldenrod. The Dratini you get from the Dragon's Den + the Shiny Gyarados from the Lake of Rage, and obviously the three starters and the legendary beasts.
  • @DurPotato
    Just as a little update, since Jacob streaming this 48 new Pokemon were added to the game increasing the total number of pokemon to 468 and the total amount of possible fusions to 437580
  • @kraykyle
    Alpharad casually spending 3 hours on finding fusions is such a him thing to do.
  • @uzumazin5099
    13:24 “It’s Electric-Fighting… and I don’t know why…” ( F r i e d c h i c k e n ) “IT’S BECAUSE HE’S FIGHTING FOR HIS GODDAMN LIFE!!!” Fusions are TRULY bizzare.
  • @lintree
    I love the shopping music with Gible fusions it's like Jacob is giving his little guy a makeover
  • The idea that Red was on his journey and suddenly got sent into the future is so cool and somehow more believable than him just randomly deciding to disappear one day and spend all of his time atop Mt. Silver.
  • @Shalucik
    now time for the ultimate fusion Pokemon Fusion + Too Many Types
  • @Ki113r210
    What's amazing to me isn't just the amount of content, but the fact that they keep ADDING to the game. Like everything here with Cynthia is new from when I last played through, the whole bit with Mt silver was totally different, it was a one way at the end because your character spent 3 years climbing the mountain rather than the time warp. It's so cool to see how dedicated the team is to this game
  • @danielsilver1244
    13:03 Absolutely should be Shuckle's final evolution. Holy hell, that dude looks crazy good.
  • @just_some_furry
    "If Sylveon is trans-rights, this one is trans-wrong" Has to be one of my favourite lines from this man
  • @BugByte72
    So glad Alpha is continuing the showcase of cursed amalgamations of Pokémon.
  • @Diego13303
    What´s also really crazy about Infinite Fusion to me is that they´re still updating it. They recently announced that they plan to implement Trainer Customization and several new species and fusions have been added ever since Alpha did his playthrough
  • @SuspiciousTemmie
    The amount of effort put into this fangame is genuinely insane, I can't even begin to imagine how many hours it took to make all the custom sprites. Especially with how high-quality they all are
  • @Orillion123456
    You pretty much repeat what I've been telling my friends after playing this: Even if you were to ignroe the fusion gimmick entirely, this is just outright an amazingly high-quality pokemon game in pretty much every aspect.
  • @errelia3622
    I like that “Lost Woods baby” has turned into a running joke
  • @stalebiscuits07
    YO THE GIBLE/MIMIKYU IS MY SPRITE wasnt expecting to see that here
  • @we-edle
    oh my god, the mt. silver twist is genuinely one of the coolest things i've ever seen in a fangame/romhack. what a fantastic game