City of Oakland Shuts Down "The Village" Homeless Camp | KQED News

Published 2017-02-03
Just a day after the city’s annual homeless count, Oakland police stepped in and took apart a homeless encampment that had been built by local volunteers. Tiny houses had been constructed from plywood to offer shelter to about 16 people. Those who helped construct it considered it a sort of housing workaround, since there isn’t enough alternative housing in the city for all the homeless in need.

Video: Erasmo Martinez

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  • Krista Robertson
    I am a business owner in Oakland. These people in this clip are extraordinary. There is an enormous amount of money coming to Oakland from our city and outside of it to help the homeless situation. It is not being used For the homeless. I don’t know where it’s going, but it’s not going where we wanted it to go. Who is stealing the money.
  • 4F Productions
    Super sad to see not just CA, but the USA dealing with this problem... :(

    Im a trucker and I’ve seen homeless towns all over the nation. :(
  • Scott Ruen
    I gave up and left the Bay 12 years ago. Best decision I have made in my life.
  • Ann Churchill
    I had to leave Oakland last year. First San Francisco rents went up and people moved to Oakland, Then Oakla d became overcrowded, then Hayward, all the way down to San Jose. People can't afford housing here.I think a universal minimum income would not improve the judgment of the mentally and drug addicted.
  • It's in every city...more and more people have no resources..the very fact that you cannot build your own home says it all...its about control and money as always...
  • eF 1
    “We’re not asking the city for resources to build this...”
    Except land, the most valuable thing in the world today.
  • Fred Ferd
    One of the central problems here is that the homeless are using land meant for other things - sidewalks, bike trails, etc. And they are using land that is not theirs. What they need, among other things, is actual ownership of the property on which they camp, and for that property to be properly zoned for that kind of activity.
  • Not knowing exactly where it's at and effecting makes this a hard call. Might have been cheaper for the city to drop off a few job-johnnies
    and call it a Day? Sad situation anyway you look at it!
  • Hot Soup
    The problem isn't the cost of housing. The problem is drug abuse and mental illness. To solve a problem, you have to find the root cause, not just treat the symptoms.
  • live Blackrose
    I miss my native city of Oakland but with no resources I’ve had to move to SoCal where housing is first off available and second slightly cheaper. I had a hard transition and ended up stripping the first year. Now, a guy has paid for my cna license and I’m working at hospital by day and Bartending at night. I hope to save money to support myself while I complete an RN program. I don’t have to dance now but I’m sad about that part in my life. I know I’m bless though because at least I’m making it. I know many people who’s options are even slimmer. I’m not sure what the options are but I’m trying desperately to but my freedom so I can go back and help others obtain theirs. It’s cold out here but god is good. Be good to yourself and others 💯❤️
  • Is the Village still there? I saw a news bulletin saying Oakland has put in a planned encampment with portable toilets .
  • Dan Sumigawa
    Bay Area streets are not campgrounds, give them camping permits in Parks closest to wealthy neighborhoods instead!
  • Glen Baker
    I'd live on the beach in a tent and fish all day or find a good spot on the river. Those two options to me would be better than living around crazy people.
  • Allen Navas
    Kinda looked like my settlement in fallout 4 no joke.
  • Brian Jones
    I love the Street Theater 101 stuff from the 70's..chants and cheers and weepy Kumbaya nonsense... used to blame Rockefeller and the Trilateral Commission as I recall....
  • Sally Clay
    U can see y homelessness is rising. Technology, gentrification,cost of living, urban renewal, unemploynent, high taxes,and not enough affordable places to live.