Blitzø VS Grandpa

Published 2023-09-15
I don’t know what audience this was for but it needed to be made 🎬 Based on characters from the series Helluva Boss by Vivienne Medrano ​⁠@SpindleHorse

Shot by Liam Krug

Puppets by Maggie Roberge

Puppeteer: Jayden Libra

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  • @nxxynx5039
    Love how Brandon goes out of his way to support the series. More than just a voice actor/writer on payroll, seems to genuinely want the show to succeed 🐐
  • @Reviewer2016
    Fingers now crossed we get more of his characters meeting Blitzo.

    You tell me Karen shouting “I’d want to see your manager” at blitzo as he’s trying to attack her wouldn’t be hilarious
  • @wanaplay6923
    I never how scary blitz was until I saw the puppet version of him. Him being the size of a toy is just genuine horror levels of terrifying
  • Man has brought two communities together for this absolute masterpiece and I’m all here for it!
  • We should have more Blitzo/Moxxie and Grandpa shenanigans! This is pure comedy gold
  • @jaspercom
    Holy crap, you even had Blitzo use his signature flintlock. Kudos, Brandon.
  • @MoonyCat
    The fact that Brandon literally has huge handcrafted Blitzø and Moxxie puppets is so god damn wonderful omfg
  • @Luckymune
    I loved Brandon Rogers and Vivziepop for years separately but them coming together and making this amazing show was the best thing to graze this timeline.
  • @FrahdChikun
    Honestly I'm surprised that anything Helluva Boss related hasn't been on this channel yet. This shit's GOLD.
  • @Tigress583
    When grandpa compared Blitzo to a possum I can't tell you how accurate that comparison was!
  • @Friendly-Simp
    I can’t explain just how beautifully wonderful this randomness is
  • @Jackie_Knix
    A crossover we didn’t know we needed but we got
  • This, this is absolutely amazing. I never even thought I'd need to have something like this, but here we are. Praise the crossover gods ✨✨
  • @Zangetsuv2
    Brandon is a true delight to do stuff like this XD. Would actually love to see a bit like this in a future HB episode where the whole IMP crew go on a drug trip and they're all puppets for a few seconds.
  • The most awaited crossover🤣 i freaking love when Brandon does videos on Grandpa
  • Not often we get a show like Helluva Boss, that not only will leave a place in our hearts but a place in Vivziepop’s
  • I love the fact that he called blitzø a possum. Moxie “A human called me a possum, I am not a possum!” 😂
  • The fact that Brandon got Richard to play in this makes this even better.
  • I’m very certain Horvitz is having a blast with Vivzie and her crew. Especially if he’s willing to do a bit with Brandon lol