Ben Thatcher Breaks Down A Royal Blood Show

Published 2024-01-22
Join Ben Thatcher as he breaks down his experience at a Royal Blood live show. Brandon and Ben discuss the band's songs, his kit setup, and how he survives on a world tour!

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00:00 - Intro
01:42 - Drumming w/ Royal Blood
03:01 - Setlist Vision
04:36 - "Tell Me When It's Too Late" by Royal Blood (Song Breakdown)
05:27 - Touring w/ Royal Blood
07:23 - "Out Of The Black" by Royal Blood (Song Breakdown)
08:20 - Playing w/ Drum Triggers
09:09 - "Trouble's Coming" by Royal Blood (Song Breakdown)
10:39 - Touring Must-Haves
11:30 - Drumhead & Drumstick Preferences
12:31 - "Figure It Out" by Royal Blood (Song Breakdown)
13:18 - Approach To Playing Live Shows
14:48 - Cymbal Preferences
16:25 - "Shiner In The Dark" by Royal Blood (Song Breakdown)
17:47 - "Lights Out" by Royal Blood (Song Breakdown)
19:51 - "Little Monster" by Royal Blood (Song Breakdown)
21:28 - Final Thoughts
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All Comments (21)
  • @DrumeoOfficial
    No tracks or click, just a raw and dynamic live experience. 🦾 You can play along with this and many other Royal Blood songs inside Drumeo - Click on the link to get started:
  • @fobos101
    Ben comes across so well, you can tell that he's just a guy living his best life playing drums for the fun of it. No wanky pretentiousness from it, just a guy and his best mate playing music with a bonus of getting paid.
    I used to play their entire first album as a drum warmup. I know those songs backwards and forwards. They're not hard, they're high-energy, and they're simply a blast to play. I always describe the first album as a soundtrack to the longest bar fight in human history. It's so bad ass.
  • Royal Blood are insanely good for a two piece. Glad Ben Thatcher is getting the recognition he deserves!
  • I can't believe it I had no idea HE was the one triggering the backing vocals and percussion/synth parts. Just makes them more badass!
  • "We don't play to a click and we don't play to any tracks" LOVE IT!
  • @Just5Skykes
    Are we gettin a “Ben Thatcher hears ‘x’ for the first time”? Cause that would be awesome.
  • @trailsetter
    One of best sounding bands. Super simple without BS. Drums are amazing. I have huge respect for RB guys. Cheers.
  • @MrCoolTre
    “We wanna change up the set don’t wanna make it obvious that’s where the drum solo goes every night” - now this is a live band. Don’t wanna follow a script like so many do. I love it
  • @BahamutBreaker
    Great interview!! I love that Drumeo shows us the human side of drummers, who often don’t get much of a voice in standard music media coverage.
  • @danmay6192
    I had no idea he is triggering the vocals. I always thought it is on click, wow. I still remember the feeling when I first heart Out of the black drums... blew my mind.
  • @BenJuan26
    I saw Royal Blood open for Queens of the Stone Age in Toronto around 2018. Don't get me wrong, QOTSA sounded amazing and put on a great show, but Royal Blood were my favourite part. It was the heaviest sound I had ever heard. My ears couldn't reconcile with my eyes only seeing two guys up there. Ben is a fantastic drummer. I can think of few drummers that are that solid no matter what beat is being played.
  • @davidbalan6571
    Royal blood was the fastest selling British rock debut in three years, hitting number one in the UK and going twenty in ten countries including the US . They were lauded with Awards for Best New Band and Best Live Bands , the kerrang .
  • @themadhiker
    I saw Ben causally standing outside Finsbury Park station in London just minding his own business. Wish I’d stopped to say hello but thought it was pretty cool to see a bonafide rockstar in every day life.
  • @ryantobin1007
    Ben is an excellent drummer to play a long to. He's clean and his parts sound relatively simple but they have enough spice to them to keep it fun and interesting. He's right that Out of the Black is definitely a song that helps your left hand. One of my favorite drummers and just straight up good dude.
  • @MofoMik
    Saw them last month in Australia. The sound these 2 guys produce is phenomenal. A few songs into the setlist, the crowd starting chanting "drum solo" and the singer Mike tells Ben to give them what they want, so he rips one out on the spot. Such an awesome show
  • @dmoney8373
    It’s cute Ben and Brandon wore matching shoes.
  • @McCool117
    Just saw these guys last December in Sydney. Absolutely loved it.